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Merging gedcoms
jeremy cassidy
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I have a gedcom I would like to merge into mine on the site. I have already added photos etc, and done alot of work on my myheritage site, linking people to photos etc... 

I now have a gedcom which contains a bit more information and would like to "import it and merge" with mine, keeping my entries and adding any new one. I cant seem to do this anyway, and would love some ideas on how to make it happen. Having all the photos and entries is important to me, but i also need to import this new data. 

jeremy cassidy
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RE: Merging gedcoms
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Hi Jeremy,

As You post Your question in the Family Tree Builder (aka FTB) forum, I assume that You are working withthe FTB. Use the following steps only if this the case.

1. Prerequirement tasks

I suggest to turn off the automatic sync with Your family site. See FTB Menu Tools .. Options .. Sync. Set the Sync Projects automatically to my sites to No.

So, You have the control when the sync process do his work. To be sure to have the tree on Your family site and in Your FTB project identical, execute a Sync process with the button Sync in the top button stripe.

Close the FTB and make a backup of Your current FTB project, including all project subfolders !

So, You have a 'emergency nail' if something going wrong.

2. Import the second GEDCOM file to Your project

Open Your project after You've done the task above.

Add Your second GEDCOM file to this project, using the menu File .. Import GEDCOM. Clicking through the dialogs: button Next and then in the following file dialog select Your second GEDCOM file and click on the button Select. Then You will see the path & file in the dialog window. Clicking the button Next shows You the GEDCOM Header infos. Be sure the language is the same as in Your FTB project.

If not, cancel the import and edit with Notepad this second GEDCOM file and change the language in the GEDCOM header, save & close the file, retry to import.

If the language is ok, click on the Next button open the important dialog of what have to do with this import. On top of this dialog You will see the option Output - Output of the import procedure. There take the option Merge into Project ...

After a while (depending on the size of this second GEDCOM file) You can View issues and/or then click on the Finish button. 

3. Checking for Duplicates

This part is the most time consuming task. In the presented Dialog Check for Duplicates click on Yes. In the list You can now handle possible or impossible duplicates.

After You finished this task, connect branches together, if there are.

4. Final

Check Your new bigger project and if all is ok, then You can try to syncronize it with Your family site.

If You are unsure/confused, feel free to ask.

So, I hope I didn't forget something and it helps.

Best regards



Ittigen, BE
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RE: Merging gedcoms [2]
jeremy cassidy
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perfect thank you, I will try that later tonight after work. Appreciate the help,  have tried a couple times but it seems to mess up , perhaps because I hadnt shut off the sync from FTB on windows.




jeremy cassidy
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