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Connecting people via research?
Ian Cavanagh
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I have a person in my family tree ... I go into their profile and click research ... good news is that lots of info found about that person but I can't seem to figure out how then to add this to my family tree ... I have tried everything!!!  Ideas?




Ian Cavanagh
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RE: Connecting people via research?
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Hi Ian,

I hope I understand Your problem correctly.

If You Research this person from a profile, You receive some findings in a list. If You click on one of this findings, You will see what kind of record it is and with all infos You can get from this record. Scrolling down You will find a Save record button. With this button You can save infos from the record into Your tree.

There is a Cite this record link near this button. With this one You can put the cite infos to the clipboard and put it into Your preferred software programm and/or website.

With this record per record practice You can verify every record for relevance and Your tree will be as clean as possible.

Best regards


Ittigen, BE
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