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How to designate myself in gedcom imported tree
Joanna Blackford
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I imported a gedcom tree to MyHeritage from genealogy software, but when I navigate to myself in the tree it asks if I'd like to invite myself to my site and talks about me as if I was another person.

Is there a way to say "this is me" ? 

I have a one-person family tree that was created when I imported my DNA data, but I want to delete that and link the DNA data to my imported tree with 800 people on it. This site is not very intuitive. Or maybe I'm missing something obvious.   

Thanks :) 

Joanna Blackford
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RE: How to designate myself in gedcom imported tree
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Hi Joanna,

In the menu Home .. Site members You will see all to Your family site the invited persons and, of course, Yourself.

On the row with Your Name You will see a small search field called Find in family and an Apply button.

If You enter there Your name (as written in the tree, select the right one and click on Apply, Your member profile will be connected to the entry in Your tree.

If You catch the wrong entry in the tree, You can repair the relationship in this family site member list, too. Use Fix relationship and/or Remove relationship in the more... action menu on the right side of the selected member in the list.

Hope this helps

Best regards



Ittigen, BE
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