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GEDCOM / Photo-issue
Peter Reunis
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I'm struggling with the export of the GEDCOM-file, especially with the personal photo. When importing the GEDCOM in Geneanet, the personal photo is not appearing.

 I have tried 2 ways:

1) export via FTB:

 2 FORM jpg

2 TITL P1 2 FILE C:UsersPeter ReunisReunis_Genealogy_masterversion_2nov17_PhotosP110_1670_2227.jpg 2 _PRIM Y 2 _PRIM_CUTOUT Y 2 _POSITION 9 1 1670 2217 2 _PHOTO_RIN MH:P110

2 _FILESIZE 427691 

--> the picture appears in media in Geneanet, but NOt as personal picture...

2) Export via family-site:

2 FORM jpg2 FILE https://www.myheritageimages.com/G/storage/site182084382/files/00/01/16/000116_786505iqbf5k89035zn50d.jpg2 _FILESIZE 3977192 _PRIM Y2 _CUTOUT Y2 _PARENTRIN MH:P1102 _PERSONALPHOTO Y



--> it seems that in case of export via the Familysite, the correct command  " 2 _PERSONALPHOTO Y" is being generated, whcih is correctly interpreted by Geneanet; however, the file is not correctly generated for all records... :-(


Any ideas ?


Many thnx,


Peter Reunis
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RE: GEDCOM / Photo-issue
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Dear Peter,

Thank you for your message.

Photos are not always exported with a GEDCOM file. Please note that a GEDCOM file is a text-only file. 

There are links for photos, but those only normally work when you transferring the GEDCOM within a same company's platform. For example, if you transfer a GEDCOM from one family site on MyHeritage to another, or from our software Family Tree Builder to the MyHeritage family site and vice-versa.

However, if you are transferring (both importing and exporting) photos from MyHeritage to another company (Ancestry, Geneanet, etc.) or bringing a file from one of those sites, the photos might not transfer since each company won't have login access to the other company's system and make the linkage of the photos.

I hope this could clarify your enquiry. Should you have any further questions, you are welcomed to contact us directly at our Support Team on support@myheritage.com.

Have a great day!

Best regards, 

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RE: GEDCOM / Photo-issue
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Hi Peter,

Thank You for Your detailed investigations and description.

I will forward Your both threads into our moderator channel directly to the support.

Best regards


Ittigen, BE
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