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Screen Contrast
Jo Lynne Walker
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I've been enjoying your site and have seen progress on MyHeritage DNA pages, but one problem I have is simply seeing the pages.  I thought that was just because I'm looking at them with 'mature' eyes - but now several people that I've encouraged to upload DNA to MyHeritage - 10 to 30 years my junior have told me things like "the pages are washed out" or "the screens make my eyes hurt" or "I can't work on the site nearly as long as at Ancestry.com".

If the pages could be moved from a pastel to a more vivid color and to increased contrast.  I realize you wouldn't want to change a color scheme to suit one old dude - but - I've noticed that many of the people I encounter on genealogy-related sites are more my age.  

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Jo Lynne Walker
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