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DNA a bunch of crap
Lisa Ray
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I just got my results today and what a bunch of crap.  It says I am 36% from Spain and 30% french and german.  And a bunch of other junk.  I am half italian and My grandparents came over on the boat from Italy.  I demand a refund, has anyone had to do this?  Did yours come out full of crap?  I am so disappointed.

Lisa Ray
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RE: DNA a bunch of crap
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Hi Lisa,

Not everthing that don't fill in the own picture is automatic wrong. If Your roots go back to Europe, You should inform You about several aspects of the migration routes of nations/peoples in different ages & empires. This could be very brightening Cool

But anyway:

Please send any problem & questions around DNA directly to the support (support@myheritage.com).

In the title of the email place somewhere the word DNA, and this will forward quickly to the DNA support team.

Take a look on the following Post from Yehudah (MyHeritage):


Best regards


Ittigen, BE
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