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Living People marked as Deceased
Falene Pierce
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I have corrected my family tree many times, both on the website and in the Family Tree Builder.  It keeps marking my parents, my grandma on my mom's side, my brother and my brother's wife as deceased.  They are all living and it's frustrating to see that it changed back.  Has anyone else encountered this?  What can I do to make it keep my changes?


Falene Pierce
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RE: Living People marked as Deceased
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Hi Falene,

I'm assuming, the livin persons don't have a death event in their event list.

It could be, that the synch process of the FTB creates this salad. 

  • Don't start Your FTB.
  • Correct this on the family site (online) and verify it.
  • Then start Your FTB, synchronize manually and verify again on both sides.

If it's wrong again, try the other way.

  • Close Your browser
  • Start the FTB, make Your changes, synchronize, and verify in the FTB.
  • Then logon to Your family site, and verify.

Hope this helps.

Best regards



Ittigen, BE
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