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A way to keep additional trees completely separate from my main tree and any other secondary trees if desired.
Bill Dutcher
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I set up separate trees to make quick checks of people in different branches of the family.  I also create temporary research trees to investigate a line I suspect might lead somewhere but want to keep isolated until sure. 


The problems here are that anything I do on a separate tree ends up affecting my main tree.  If I import photos into a temporary or research tree they end up in my photo album and I have to spend time deleting them.


I would like the ability to keep each of these totally isolated from the main tree and each other, people, biographies and pictures.  Ideally they can look out and find matches, but nothing can look in and find matches.   Until I export finished material out to my main tree they are in an isolated area that nothing can be taken out of by others.


I know I could just create a new login name and create the tree using that login but this is not an ideal solution for several reasons.  

 If I have more than one line of research going on do I create a new account for each one?


If only 1 out of 10 people were to do this it would end up creating how many new accounts on your site?  


How many Smart Matches would be generated based on information in these trees, which by their very nature probably contain inaccurate information.

Bill Dutcher
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RE: A way to keep additional trees completely separate from my main tree and any other secondary trees if desired.
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I had this same problem the first couple of times I created my trees...  I wanted to keep certain branches separate (mostly for reasons of sharing specific family data with specific individuals, but also because I was getting flooded with SmartMatches and wanted to focus on certain branches without getting overwhelmed with data).

I can't quite say how I got this to work, but it currently DOES work - I didn't do anything special, but I think I created a new tree (an 'unrelated' tree) for grandparent X (married to Y), to distinguish the ancestors of X, from ancestors of Y. To split out* a current tree, you can export a GEDCOM for certain parts of the tree, then import that into a 'new, blank' tree, then delete that branch from the main one.  *You'll have to search the HELP files for how to do this...

I also have a separate tree for an unrelated family. So I now have 3 separate trees under my account, and maintain them separately.

I still get Smart Matches for all trees but there's a dropdown to choose which tree I want to filter on.

If/when I decide to merge them all, I will have to export-to-GEDCOM one of the trees, and import that into the 'main' one.  Repeat for as many as I have...


But - are you asking that we can 'cut off matches' for certain key individuals, so we don't get further matches for that branch, and focus on whatever branch we want? That is oneof my hopes for future enhancement...


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