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Family Group Sheet format
Carol Roodt
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Evening, please explain why the Family Group Sheet from Tree Builder doesn't include the children from other marriages/relationships, but only those of the first wife?

It lists the names of other marriages/relationships, but not the children.

I have looked everywhere to see if there is a setting I can adjust, but if there is one, I haven't found it.

I have attached an example which shows that there were other marriages/relationships, but none of the children from these are shown 

Please assist.



Carol Roodt
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Family Group Sheet of Pieter J...
RE: Family Group Sheet format
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Hi Carol,

I'm actually digging through the forum for open/pending questions/problems. And I've seen, there aren't any answers to Your Post.

Allow me to explain the Family Group Sheet:

A family in the genealogy context allways contains 1 husband, 1 wife and the children of this couple.

If, for instance, this husband married a second wife, this is from the system view another family. In the FTB person card You can see the other wifes as a linkto the other wife. So, if You want to generate Family Group Sheets, You must build the first one (with first wife), and the build the second one (with the second wife).

As You can see, the title of both sheets are different.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Best regards


Ittigen, BE
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