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known person with wrong relationship
Bruce Hunter
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Just had my 2ggmother pop up on smart match as my 1st cousin 4x removed...I know I can expect that in part because she & her husband were 2nd cousins....but the degree of separation isn't correct, at least by my calculation....

Martha Susan Maddox 

Bruce Hunter
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RE: known person with wrong relationship
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I've been finding this a fair amount in my own tree, due to "inbreeding" (take it as a gentle jab at the habits of the day!). I've gotten pretty good at figuring out who's who & how to re-connect them.

I can see those two in your tree.

They both have b.1845, but different d.dates.

Husbands John Allison also have different dates.

Both couples have the 'same' daughter.

If they are truly the same person(s), then to resolve this one issue:

- disconnect Martha "Maddie" from John.

- delete that John, as he's a duplicate.

- delete the daughter who's now an orphan, as she's a duplicate, too.

- connect Martha "Maddie" to the other John (d.1926).

- disconnect the daughter from her (now only one BAD parent); then re-connect her to the GOOD one, which will connect to both parents.

Now the links will be correct.

I typically add a first name to help me remember who's being moved, i.e. - Martha Susan-> Martha Susan BAD - Martha "Maddie-> Martha "Maddie" GOOD - similarly, rename the Johns & the daughters. Then, once re-connected fully, search the BADs & they should all be orphaned or gone. Then rename the GOODs back to the proper names.

Good luck!

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