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Brent Gray
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 I have two queries: I started my tree on the mobile app, how can i import it to my computer?

 And secondly; I get an error when trying to import my tree from Legacy.


Any help/suggestions appreciated.


Brent Gray
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RE: Mobile App
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Hi Brent,

The hub to exchange infos between mobiles and PCs is always Your family site on MyHeritage. The mobile app doesn't hold Your complete familytree. It works on the familytree on Your family site.

To bring this tree to Your PC, You have two options:

1.) Export the familytree from Your family site into a GEDCOM file and import this file into the PC program of Your choice.

2.) Install the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder (aka FTB) and load Your familytree from Your family site into it.

The FTB has some options to import projects from other PC programs. Some of this programs projects the FTB can import directly, for the othersit's always the way with the GEDCOM export and import.

Take care about the GEDCOM files from other vendors programs, if You try to import to FTB or to Your family site. Some vendors did extend the GEDCOM standard data structure with own infos (Tags) and not all of this extensions will be understand from software of different other vendors programs. You should test it.

Hope this helps.

Best regards



Ittigen, BE
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