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Rosanna Brislane(convict) (born (canavan/Kinnivan))
Husband: John Michael
Daughter: Julia Jane
<Private> Morello (born (Mills))
Parents: hammond Egbert and Dagmar Williams
Siblings: Sydney Collins, Sydney Collins, edgar hammond, Edgar Hammond, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
Partner: <Private>
Children: <Private> and <Private>
Ben Adams
Wife: Beryl
Daughter: Lucy Ann
Lucy Ann Adams
Parents: Ben and Beryl
Margaret Vail (born Adamson)
Husband: Alexander Naysmith
Children: <Private>, Mary Telford, Ann, Margaret, Michael and Elizabeth
Ellen Mills (born Afford)
Husband: Donald Stanley
Son: Ronald Charles
Austin Thhomas Ainsworth
Parents: John Thomas and Susannah Eliza
Siblings: Bertha and Ernest John
Bertha Parry (born Ainsworth)
Parents: John Thomas and Susannah Eliza
Brothers: Ernest John and Austin Thhomas
Husband: Albert Edward
Sons: Kenneth C and Charles
Apr 21 1883
 Macksville, NSW
May 28 1903
 Sutherland, NSW, Australia
Ernest John Ainsworth
Parents: John Thomas and Susannah Eliza
Siblings: Bertha and Austin Thhomas
Wife: Madeline Grace
Mar 8 1885
 Nambucca River District NSW
Oct 12 1952
 Casino District NSW
Issac John Ainsworth
Wife: Charlotte G
Daughter: Lilly Ada
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