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<Private> Dunec
Partner: <Private>
Dorothy Marie Hewgill (born Irwin)
Parents: George and Mary Florence
Husband: George William Ronald
Children: <Private>, <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
May 7 1922
 Redwing Grey County, ON
Nov 30 2011
 Meaford, Grey County, Ontario, Canada
George Irwin
Wife: Mary Florence
Daughter: Dorothy Marie
Mar 11 1966
 Grey County, ON
Margaret Ann Jerrett (born Petch)
Husband: Jonathan
Son: William Morley
Aug 19 1849
 Whitchurch, York, ON, Canada
May 15 1937
<Private> Walton (born Acheson)
Partner: <Private>
Child: <Private>
Emma Short (born Agar)
Husband: George Davidson
Children: Franklin E., Howard Agar, Mina Oakman, Clara Margaret, Bertha Mae, Samuel Davidson, Lois Hulda, Benjamin, Cyrus, Alan and Dora Helena
Feb 9 1868
Dec 26 1942
 Grey County, Ontario
James Aitken
Wife: Ann H
Thomas Allison
Wife: Jane
Circa 1781
 Yorkshire, England
Alfretta Alward
Parents: Allen and Eliza
Siblings: Melinda, Martha L., Hannah, Burpee William, Elmina, Howard and Hazen
Mar 20 1854
 Havelock, Kings, NB
June 6 1935
 North Chelmsford, MA
Allen Alward
Parents: Oswald and Jerusha
Siblings: Dennis, George, John Ford and Hannah
Wife: Eliza
Children: Melinda, Martha L., Hannah, Alfretta, Burpee William, Elmina, Howard and Hazen
 New Canaan, Queens, NB
Jan 17 1899
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