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Melissa Ann Baines (born Butler)
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Parents: Jonathan Neely" Cornelius" and Amy Arina
Siblings: Martin J., Wilson Sutton, Melissa Ann, Temperance Temple, Alexander T., Elizabeth, John Quincy, Joel Christopher, William O., Amy Adiline, Nealy T. and Lucy
June 2 1824
Jan 21 1865
 Fairfield, Freestone County, TX, USA
Sarah Jane Price (born Mosby)
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Husband: Thomas
Son: Jesse Benton
 Culpeper Co., VA
 Floyd, Kentucky, USA
Anna Elisabetha Beaver Sr. (born Ochs)
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Parents: Johann John Adam and Elizabeth
Husband: Peter
Children: Catharine, Mathias, Michael, Peter and Christopher
 Luzerne, Germany
 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, United States
Eleanor Jane "Nancy" Beavers Abernathy
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Partners: Jesse Meadow and John
Children: Elizabeth Lillian, Barnie Dobbs and Wilmer
Sep 19 1860
Jan 22 1941
Mary Anna "Polly" Ware (born Abernathy)
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Husband: Elam
Children: Martha Melissa, William, Mary, Ruth, George, Robert and Thomas
Circa 1817
 North Carolina, United States
WFT Est. 1856-1912
<Private> Abila
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Partner: <Private>
Alice DeEtta Auxier (born Adams)
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Parents: William Sidney and Talitha Cumi
Brother: Cox C
Husband: William J
Aug 5 1895
 Piney Woods, North Carolina USA
May 12 1954
 Silver Spring, Missouri USA
Clifton Elton Adams
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Parents: Ervin Nelson and Edna Lee
Brother: John Edward
Circa 1914
 Texas, United States
Cox C Adams
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Parents: William Sidney and Talitha Cumi
Sister: Alice DeEtta
Wife: Dora
 Alleghany CO, North Carolina USA
Ervin Nelson Adams
Wren-Deavours Family Tree
Parents: John Quincy and Mary E
Wife: Edna Lee
Sons: Clifton Elton and John Edward
July 9 1889
 Arkansas USA
July 15 1940
 Kingsville, Kleberg Co, Texas USA
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