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Charles Granville, 2nd Earl of Bath
Parents: John and Jane
Siblings: Lady Jane and John
Partners: Martha and Isabella
Son: William Henry
Before Aug 31 1661
Sep 4 1701
John Granville, 1st Earl of Bath
Parents: Bevil and Grace (of Madford)
Wife: Jane
Children: Lady Jane, Charles and John
Aug 29 1628
 Stowe, Cornwall, England
Aug 2 1701
 St James, Westminister, Middlesex, England
Amy Grenville
Parents: Roger and Margaret
Siblings: Sir Richard and Jane
Sir Bevil Grenville
Parents: Bernard and Elizabeth
Wife: Grace (of Madford)
Son: John
Mar 23 1596
 Kirkhampton, Cornwall, England
July 5 1643
 Lansdowne Hill, Bath, England
Jane Grenville
Parents: Roger and Margaret
Siblings: Sir Richard and Amy
Sir Roger Grenville, of Stowe & Bideford
Parents: Thomas and Isabella
Wife: Margaret
Children: Sir Richard, Jane and Amy
 Stowe, Cornwall, England
July 7 1524
 Kirkhampton, Cornwall, England
Sir Sir Richard Grenville
Parents: Sir Roger and Thomasine
Wife: Mary
Son: Bernard
June 6 1542
 Buckland Abbey, Devon, England
Sep 10 1591
 Off the Azores
Sir Roger Grenville
Parents: Sir Richard and Matilda
Wife: Thomasine
Son: Sir Richard
 Stowe, Cornwall, England
July 19 1545
 The Mary Rose in the Solent off the Thames
Sir William Grenville, of Bideford
Parents: Theobald and Margaret
Wife: Philippa
Son: Thomas
 Kirkhampton, Cornwall, England
Circa 1448
 Kirkhampton, Cornwall, England
<Private> Brothers (born Allen)
Partner: <Private>
Children: <Private> and <Private>
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