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James Everett Seaver
Parents: William Lyman and Lydia Jane
Siblings: Lucy, Laura, Kenneth Dodge, <Private> and <Private>
Aug 27 1903
 Spring Grove, McHenry, Illinois, United States
Jan 4 1990
 Alachua, Florida, United States
James Everett Seaver
Parents: Lyman Hunt and Sarah
Siblings: Joseph U., John Woodward, Henry Warren, Julius Horace, James E., Mary Ann, Daniel, Lyman Hunt, Rodney and William
Wife: Phebe L.
Children: Marcus D., Bertha D., William Lyman, Clara Maria and Josiah H.
June 13 1837
 Hebron, Washington, New York, United States
Apr 2 1909
 Darien, Walworth, Wisconsin, United States
James Everett Seaver
Parents: Everett Herbert and Gertrude Lillian
Siblings: Charles Henry and <Private>
Partner: <Private>
Children: <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
Oct 4 1918
 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States
Mar 14 2011
James F. Seaver
Parents: Joseph Sawyer and Amanda
Siblings: John S., Fanny A., Silas, Mary Janette, female, Mary Jane, Ella Rosetta, George Augustus, Abby, Flora and Elizabeth
Wife: Mary A
Children: Elizabeth, Edward F, Louis L., Grace E., John Lovett, Frank C., Gertrude Mary, Raymond George, Frederick J. and Milton William
Sep 1861
 Manchester, Bennington, Vermont, United States
James Francis Seaver
Parents: John N. and Myrtle
Siblings: <Private> and <Private>
 Oregon, United States
Sep 3 1969
 Clackamas, Oregon, United States
James G. Seaver
Parents: Jabez True and Susan Frances
Siblings: Anna Gertrude, Ida May, Leo Mott and Bessie L.
Circa 1877
 Portland, Cumberland, Maine, United States
James G. Seaver
Parents: James William and Jemima W.
Sisters: Jane Ann, Julia A. and Mary Moore
Wife: Alice M.
Circa 1844
 Darien, Genesee, New York, United States
Jan 28 1881
 Byron, Genesee, New York, United States
James Gilbert Waldo Seaver
Parents: James Monroe and Huldah T.
Siblings: Celestina D. and Monroe Cutler
Feb 1 1851
 Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Aug 17 1852
 Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
James H. Seaver
Parents: Gilbert R. and Carrie L.
Siblings: Charles Harry, Leroy O., Clyde C., Mary A. and <Private>
Circa 1902
 Pennsylvania, United States
James H. Seaver
Parents: Hammond and Susan
Siblings: Christopher Hammond, William J., Oliver Alonzo and Ann Maria
Wife: Bridget
Daughters: Theresa Agnes and Susan Frances
July 1844
 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Before 1910
 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
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