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Isabella Seaver
Mother: Grace E.
 Wallingford, Rutland, Vermont, United States
Isabella Elizabeth Seaver
Parents: Alexander T. and Mary Catherine
Siblings: Helene Sarah and Horace W.
Husband: Mark A.
Children: Helen C., Rollin A., Dorothy B. and Donald S.
May 1862
 Probably Jefferson, Wisconsin, United States
Isabella S. Seaver
Parents: William and Mary Jane
Siblings: Elbridge Gerry, Hannah Jennie, Anna S., George A., Mary E., female, Georgiana and Abbie F.
Husband: Alonzo
Nov 21 1843
 Havre de Grace, Harford, Maryland, United States
After 1880
 Wayland, Allegan, Michigan, United States
Isabelle Davis Seaver
Parents: John Walker and Lucinda C.
Siblings: male, Henry Alvin, Martha Ellen and Flora Frances
Husband: Frank M.
Mar 30 1854
 Holden, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Isadore Mabel Seaver
Parents: John Bennett and Mary E.
Brother: Thurber Eugene
Mar 14 1873
 Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Iva L. Seaver
Parents: William Henry and Arey Permelia
Siblings: Jay H., Minnie Charles, Henry William, Roy B., Ray T., William Henry and Benjamin Franklin
Husband: Charles H.
Aug 19 1866
 Illinois, United States
Iva M. Seaver
Parents: Forrest C. and Eva S.
Siblings: Harold Robert, Lena M., Guy Raymond, Edna L., Earl Roscoe, Leon C., Perley J., Ethel B. and Howard Lester
 Williamstown, Orange, Vermont, United States
Jabez True Seaver
Parents: John Hovey and Lydia
Siblings: Richard Tristram, Warenzo Kelly, John Hovey, Lydia, Helen Cemantha and Christiana Elizabeth
Wife: Susan Frances
Children: Anna Gertrude, Ida May, Leo Mott, James G. and Bessie L.
July 13 1837
 Plaistow, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Before 1880
Jack P. Seaver
Partner: <Private>
Apr 20 1997
 Sun City West, Maricopa, Arizona, United States
<Private> Seaver
Parents: Jack Vernon and Barbara
Siblings: <Private> and <Private>
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