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Margaret Vaux
Husband: Ethan P.
Children: Frederick J., John F., Alfred M., Lulu M. and Lottie E.
Circa 1843
 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Margaret Carringer
Husband: George A.
Children: Thomas A., Margaret, Sarah, Nancy, William M., Allie and Mary
Sep 1824
 probably Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States
 Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States
Martha Seaver
Husband: Gilman Warren
Feb 1850
 Vermont, United States
Martha A (Dill)
Husband: Jabez P.
Sons: Charles W. and Herbert E.
 New Hampshire, United States
Mary A (Newton)
Partners: Isaac and Clark
Daughters: Katherine C. and Anna L.
Circa 1828
 Maine, United States
Mary A (Hovey)
Husband: Horatio N.
Son: Horatio
Mary Seaver
Husband: Samuel P.
Children: William W., Amanda, Thomas Sherman, Idella I., Rhoda Ella, Rosa M., Samuel I. and Smyrna
Feb 1844
 Indiana, United States
Mary A (Dill)
Husband: George Reed
Children: George H., Carrie Theresa, Abby D. and Helen M.
Circa 1820
 Massachusetts, United States
Mary A (Robinson)
Husband: Elijah P.
Daughter: Fannie M.
Mary A (Dill)
Husband: Lemuel
Daughter: Elizabeth
Circa 1816
 Connecticut, United States
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