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Aliénor / Hardouine N Hardouine N /
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: Aimery II, vicomte de Thouars
Son: Héribert I, vicomte de Thouars
Zeus Luppiter / Jupiter Jupiter /
Bilek Family Tree
Father: Cronos - Κρόνος - Saturnus Titan
Wife: Electra One of the Pleiades
Son: Dardanus King of Arcadia
1428-1368 BC
Sara Gaylord, Sr. (born ?)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: William
 Exeter, Devon, England
June 20 1657
 Windsor, Hartford Co., CT
<Private> Haley (born ?Reese?)
Husband: Henry
Children: Patsey and Henry Browning
Anna Maria Greninger (born . Moyer)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: John A. (Johannes)
Children: Henry, John A., Simon, William, Jacob, Benjamin, Sarah and Anna
Daniel H. . Reitz
Bilek Family Tree
Parents: Jacob-F. and Anna-Maria
Siblings: Jacob, Lydia-Hannah, Benjamin, Henry, Samuel, Maricha, Susanna, Isaac-H., Catherine, Joseph-H., Gottfried and Zetic
Wife: Hariett
Children: Elmena, Harriet, Isaac, Sarah, Abby, Lucinda and Daniel J
July 31 1813
 Jackson Twp., Northumberland Co., PA
May 13 1889
 Tower City, Schuylkill Co., PA
Elizabeth Joan Fitzhenry of Gloucester De Galloway (born "Princess of England" Beauclerc)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: Fergus Lord Of
Children: Gospatric III, Adam Waldeve, Gilbert Galloway, Uchtred Lord of, Edgard, Constable Scotland, Elfrica Aufrica of, Gille Brigte, Bethoc, Juliana, Bethoc, Uctred III, Gilbert, Affrica Queen of Man, Margaret De, Edgar and <Private>
 Talby, Yorkshire, England
May 12 1166
 Abbey Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland
Katherine Fitch (born (Bennett?))
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: Edward
Daughter: Elizabeth
 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Marjorie Stewart (born (born De Bruce Of Scotland)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: Walter Allan
Son: Robert 11
Lady Margaret Mure, of Rowallan Mure, of Rowallan (born de Lindsey)
Bilek Family Tree
Husband: William (Mure More Muir Mohr de la Mohr)
Children: Adam (Adam Mure More Muir Mohr de la Mohr Adam of /Rowalian), Reynold and Margaret
Circa 1261
 Craigie, Ayrshire, Scotland
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