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Margrethe (Rasmussen?)
Husband: Rasmus
Son: Christen
Circa 1596
Maren (Sørensen) Jensen
Parents: Jens and Christiane
Siblings: Johanne Marie, Mathias, Jens and Soren
Apr 22 1816
 Tersløse, Holbæk
<Private> Alsted
Ex-partner: <Private>
Child: <Private>
<Private> Alsted
Parents: <Private> and <Private>
Sibling: <Private>
Ane Marie Nielsen (born Andersdatter)
Parents: Anders and Maren
Siblings: Christen, Anne and Jens
Partners: Hans and Søren
Children: Niels, Maren, Anders and Karen Marie
 Stenmagle Alsted Sorø
Aug 25 1855
Anne Nielsen (born Andersdatter)
Parents: Anders and Maren
Siblings: Christen, Ane Marie and Jens
Husband: Lars
 Stenmagle Alsted Sorø
May 22 1832
Marie Kathrine Andersdatter
Parents: Anders Sørensen and Ane
Mar 28 1794
 Torning, Viborg
Nov 5 1838
 Ungstrup, Torning, Lysgaard, Viborg
<Private> Petersen (born Andersen)
Parents: Lars Ulrik and Thrine
Sibling: <Private>
Husband: Helmer
Children: <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
Andreas Christian Andersen
Parents: Rasmus and Kristiane
Siblings: Hans Ulrik, Thomas Otto, Johannes, Lars Ulrik, Simon Alfred and Johanne Marie
Oct 14 1893
 Nyrup, Soro, Denmark
Feb 2 1941
Ane Maren Marie Andersen
Parents: Anders and Ane Maria
Siblings: Hans, Christiane, Jens Peder, Christian, Søren, Niels Christian, Trine, Christen, Jens, Ane Marie, Sophie and Rasmus
Sep 4 1845
 Stenlille, Holbæk
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