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+ Prosser (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: +?
Daughter: +Margaret
+Ann Reynolds (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: +David
Children: John N., +Archibald, Elizabeth, Nancy Ann and <Private>
+Elizabeth Banister (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: +John
Son: +John
Feb 6 1678
 Charles City, Charles, Virginia, Colonial America
+Mabel Seat (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: +Joseph
Daughter: +Mary Rose
+Maria Elizabeth Daub (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Parent: <Private>
Husband: +Johannes
Son: +Johannes [John]
Andreas ?
Craft Family Tree
Partner: Anna Maria
Daughter: Anna
Anna Catharina Spainhour (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: Johann Jacob
Children: Catharine, Johannes, Solomon [operated Spainhour's mill], Maria Elizabeth, Margaret, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, <Private>, Verona Franky and <Private>
June 22 1751
 Allemangel, Pennsylvania, Colonial America
Apr 27 1814
 Little Yadkin, Yadkin, North Carolina, United States
Eleanor ? Spoenhauer (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: John Jacob not certain details?
Children: John Jacob, J. Werner, Werner, Martha ("Patsy"), Thomas and Unknown
Circa 1767
 North Carolina, Colonial America
Elizabeth Newsom duplicate (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: Washington H.
Gella Rosengart (born ?)
Craft Family Tree
Husband: Samuel Selig Schwab ?
Son: & Abraham Samuel
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