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Catherine Gilpin (born [Gilpin])
Husband: William H.
Children: Lillie M., William R., Dock S., John, Delbert, Russell A. and Rieton L.
Mar 1851
Ada Walker (born [Walker])
Husband: John
Children: John C. and Mary Ellen
 Stillington, Yorkshire, England
<Private> Cole (born Allen)
Husband: Kenneth Wayne
Mary Ann Huth (born Amann)
Husband: Joseph A.
Sep 13 1878
Oct 5 1964
 Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio
<Private> Cole (born Anderson)
Husband: Darrell Lynn
Unknown Anderson
Wife: Donna Mae
Antice Apsey
Parents: Samuel and Anstice
Siblings: Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Samuel and Judith
Mar 16 1736
 Chardstock, Dorset, England
Arnold LLoyd "Arnie" Apsey
Parents: Ray Lloyd and Annette Eileen
Siblings: <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
Feb 18 1941
 Hawes Twp, Alcona County, Lincoln, Mi USA
Dec 27 1997
 Alcona County, Harrisville, Michigan
Barbara Jean Apsey
Parents: Robert James and Viola Harriet
Siblings: Delbert Wayne, <Private>, <Private>, <Private> and <Private>
June 6 1934
June 6 1934
<Private> Apsey
Parents: <Private> and <Private>
Siblings: <Private> and <Private>
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