1. Posted by: Judy Fayettefrom:   USAon:Mar 23 2011 02:18

Hi Gerald,

My name is Judy Fayette and I added some info to your website a while ago.  My Great Grandmother was Mary Heinrich Springer.  I thought that she emigrated from Germany.  However, it appears that it was her mother and father that came over from Austria.  Is this correct?  I would like to know so much more, but it looks like their is a monthly charge to obtain additional info.  I have some family pictures to add.  It makes it much more interesting to search and find family and what they looked like.  You may email me anytime.

 2. Posted by: Marie Prysukha/Kaufmann/Blaschkefrom:   USAon:Aug 6 2010 23:31

Hi, you have really gotten alot of the tree done! I have added the information I have that was missing and now I also can see where we are related! I knew we were just couldn't see how or where. Thanks. oh yeah, is there any way to link your tree to mine?  Hope to meet you all soon!      Marie