My name is Thomas Fogarty and I started this site.
This site was created using MyHeritage.com. On this site, you can add people to the tree as well as photos and information on them.  If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.  On this tree you can expect to see both ancestors and distant cousins on both sides of my family, Fogarty and Collins, as well as other branches that merge into the tree.  The Fogarty side of the family has mostly Irish, English and Scottish ancestry with some small amounts of French, Welsh, German and Dutch ancestry, and the Collins side of the family has English, Native American (Cherokee, Choctaw, Algonquian, Shawnee & Powhatan), Scottish, German & French ancestry.

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News articles
Local news:Getting to Know the Locals: Kip Fogarty (Kenwood Press)
Posted by: Thomas Fogarty on Sep 16 2010 15:05
Getting to know the locals

That calm, hardworking presence behind the counter in the Post Office is our stalwart Postmaster, Kip Fogarty. Unfailingly good-tempered, he manages a dedicated team of postal workers, including the ever-gracious Sande Volkert, the eager Janet Bush, and patient Robert Higginbottom. Not to mention those ambidextrous delivery people who drive in the passenger seat while delivering mail to the 1200 mailboxes along the highways and byways of our rural community.

Originally, Postmaster Kip hailed from our neighbor county to the south. Born in Ross, Marin County, he was raised around the country, then graduated from Redwood High and completed a degree in Political Science at University of the Pacific in Stockton.

After working in every capacity in POs from San Rafael to Ferndale, Kip came to Glen Ellen from Garberville in 1998 to raise his family in a wonderful country environment. Daughter Colleen Fogarty is big in...

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Genealogy:Missouri the Center State 1821-1915: Jerome O'Hara
Posted by: Thomas Fogarty on Sep 6 2010 20:49


Honored and respected by all, Jerome O'Hara occupies a position of distinction in financial circles in southwestern Missouri not alone by reason of the success he has achieved, but also owing to the straightforward, honorable business policy he has ever followed. He is now president of the Citizens Bank, in which connection he has been continuously known since the organization of that institution in 1902.

Mr. O'Hara was born upon a farm in Randolph county, Illinois, September 22, 1843, his parents being James and Elizabeth (Threlfall) O'Hara. The family, as the name indicates, comes of Irish ancestry, although several generations have been represented in the new world. His grandfather, James O'Hara, was born in Pennsylvania and died in Randolph county, Illinois, prior to the birth of the subject of this review. He made farming his life work. His son, James O'Hara, Jr., was born in the year 1800 and also carried on general agricultural pursuits from early manhood until his life's labors were ended. About 1826 he married Miss Elizabeth Threlfall, who was of English birth and came to America with her parents when thirteen years of age. His death occurred in 1884, while .Mrs. O'Hara passed away in 1878. They had a family of twelve children, eight sons and four daughters, and of this number seven sons and three daughters reached adult age, while three sons and two daughters are yet living, namely: Margaret, the widow of Charles Mudd; James R.; Jerome; Charles; and Sarah, the wife of John F. Mudd.

In the district schools of his native county Jerome O'Hara pursued his education and also spent one term in study at the Christian Brothers College in St. Louis, which he left at the age of twenty years. He then returned home and worked upon his father's farm, devoting his attention to the cultivation of the fields for about six years. He then married and began farming on his own account, remaining in that locality until 1894, when he went to Springfield, Missouri, where he became connected with commercial interests, embarking in the retail dry-goods business. He was thus engaged until the fall of 1913, when he sold his stock in order to concentrate his energies upon his financial interests as president of the Citizens Bank, to which office he was elected upon the organization of the bank in IQ02. He has an excellent business record. For twenty years he has resided in Springfield and throughout this period has enjoyed the confidence and goodwill of the public. He has been alert, energetic, farsighted and capable in the management of both his commercial and financial affairs, and throughout his entire life he has carried forward to successful completion whatever he has undertaken, brooking no obstacles that could be overcome by persistent, earnest and honorable effort.

On the 1st of February, 1870, in Randolph county, Illinois, Mr. O'Hara was united in marriage to Miss Isabel Mudd, a daughter of Francis Mudd, and to them were born seven children of whom John died at the age of twenty-one years. Those living are as follows: Josephine, the wife of Patrick Turley; Francis J.; Laura, the wife of Thomas [Fogarty]; Elizabeth, who married James J. Lawler; Lucien J., who married Lillian Smythe; and Mary.

The religious faith of the family is that of the Catholic church, and the political belief of Mr. O'Hara is that of the democratic party. He keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day and is able to support his position by intelligent argument, but he has never been an office seeker, preferring always to concentrate his energies upon the business interests to which he has given his life. The reader in search of a sensational chapter need never turn to the history of Jerome O'Hara, but he who has regard for substantial qualities of character will find therein something of interest, for his history indicates what may be accomplished through persistency of purpose, intelligently directed.

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Obituaries:Marilyn Shaughnessy's obituary
Posted by: Thomas Fogarty on Aug 30 2010 16:34
Marilyn Shaughnessy passed away surrounded by loving family members during the early morning hours of September 11th, 2004. She was 78 years old. Marilyn courageously battled brain cancer, crippling osteoporosis and heart disease over the past five years. She loved people, nature, and art and enjoyed a rich life with adoring family and friends.
Marilyn was born in 1926 in El Dorado, Illinois. She attended the Southern Illinois University studying art history and worked in the family dry cleaning business until meeting and marrying Bob Shaughnessy in 1950. Marilyn was very involved in the Marin art community via participation on boards, committees and art associations including the Mill Valley Arts Guild and Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Her art techniques included oil, watercolor, acrylic as well as collage and mixed media. Her award winning work has been shown at Wolford's in Santa Rosa, Domaine Chandon in Napa and many other art exhibitions.
Marilyn is survived by her loving husband Bob, her devoted daughter Annette, four loving sons Brian, John, Greg and Tim, and granddaughter Kelly, all of whom reside in Marin and Sonoma Counties. She is also survived by her sister Sammie McPherson of North Carolina.
A Memorial Service will be held Saturday, September 25th, 2:00 p.m. at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 1244 Saint Francis Road in Santa Rosa, to be followed by a celebration of her life at the Shaughnessy home. For further information, contact 415-407-7172. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospice.
Published in the Marin Independent Journal on 9/19/2004.
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Genealogy:Past and Present of Greene County Misssouri: Thomas Fogarty (my great-grandfather)
Posted by: Thomas Fogarty on Aug 29 2010 13:17
THOMAS FOGARTY. Special adaptability to any particular calling in life is the one necessary adjunct to permanent success. No matter what be the amount of vim and determination which characterizes a man's start in business, unless he is to the manor born he will ultimately find to his sorrow that his line has been falsely cast, and the quicker hedraws aside and takes up another calling the better it will be for him, and perhaps for others as well.That young man is indeed fortunate who knows what he is fitted for by nature and starts out in his career along the line which he can successfully follow to the end; but few do this as the records show. That Thomas Fogarty, organizer and proprietor of the Sanitary Plumbing and Heating Company, of Springfield, is especially fitted for the calling that now occupies his attention can not be doubted, for he has built up a large and rapidly growing business, and his scores of patrons are always well satisfied with his work.

Mr. Fogarty was born in County Clare, Ireland, January 20, 1872. He is a son of Michael and Bridget (Keating) Fogarty, and a grandson of James and Mary (Linnane) Fogarty. James Fogarty was a native of the Emerald Isle and there he devoted his life to farming and died in his native land at the age of eighty-four years. His wife died suddenly of cholera during the epidemic of 1847. They were Catholics. To them seven children were born, four sons and three daughters; three of the former and one of the latter came to America. Michael Fogarty was reared in Ireland, where he was married, and spent his life as a farmer, dying there at the age of sixty-two years. His widow is still living in Ireland, being now seventy-two years of age. James, one of their sons, emigrated to the United States a few years prior to the breaking out of the Civil war, and during the latter part of that conflict he was drafted into the Union army and served a short time. To Michael Fogarty and wife eleven children were born, four sons and seven daughters, namely: Patrick came to Springfield, Missouri, when nineteen years of age, about 1878, and was yard master here for the Frisco Railroad for a period of twenty-five years, being finally killed by accident while on duty; John S. has remained in Ireland; Mrs. L. G. Schab lives in Quincy, Illinois; Katie is teaching school in Ireland; Thomas, of this sketch; Mrs. James Bayner lives at Castle Bar, Ireland; Michael died when twenty-one years of age; Mrs. John Waters is teaching school in Ireland; Mrs. Thomas Fogarty, who married a man of her own name, but no relation, lives in Ireland; Nora is single and lives in Springfield, Missouri; Nellie S. is teaching school in Ireland.

Thomas Fogarty, of this review, grew to manhood in Erin's Green Isle and there he received a good education, attending college until he was nineteen years of age, when, in the year 1891,he emigrated to America and came direct to Springfield, Missouri, where he has resided ever since, having liked the town and country from the first. Soon after his arrival here he secured a position as fireman with the Frisco and continued to work in this capacity for a period of six years, then was promoted to engineer and worked as such for two years. Finally tiring of the road, he turned his attention to the plumbing business, associating himself with the Standard Plumbing company here, which maintained offices on the south side. He seemed to have natural ability in this line of endeavor and soon mastered its various details. In 1908 he organized the Sanitary Plumbing and Heating company, the present place of business of which is on East Commercial street. Under his able management this concern has grown to large proportions and is doing an ever-growing and lucrative business in general plumbing and heating. The firm is well equipped in every respect for prompt and high-grade service, keeping all modern apparatus and equipment and a full stock of well-selected material of all kinds, and a number of skilled artisans are constantly employed.

Mr. Fogarty was married on April 30, 1902, in Springfield to Laura O'Hara, a daughter of Jerome and Isabell (Mudd) O'Hara, a well-known family here, Mr. O'Hara being president of the Citizens Bank of Springfield for years, but is now retired. He was a native of Illinois. His family consists of seven children, namely: Frank J. is a traveling salesman and lives in San Antonio, Texas; L. J. is in partnership with our subject in the plumbing business; John is deceased; Mrs. P. J. Turley lives in Springfield; Laura, wife of the subject of this sketch; Mrs. J. J. Lawler lives in Springfield; Mrs. Mamie O'Hara lives in this city.

Jerome O'Hara, mentioned above, came to Springfield in 1895 and for many years was proprietor of the firm of O'Hara & Son, who were engaged in the dry goods business on East Commercial street, but later he went into the banking business. He has been highly successful as a business man and is a highly respected citizen.

Six children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Fogarty, namely: Harry is deceased; Francis Thomas, Clarence J., John A., Isabell and Margaret.

Politically Mr. Fogarty is a Democrat. He is a member of the Catholic church. He isa prominent member of the Knights of Columbus, having been financial secretary of the local lodge for a period of eight years. In 1913, at the state convention of this order which was held at Joplin, he was elected supreme delegate to the convention at Boston, Massachusetts. He went from there back to Ireland to visit his mother, brother and sisters. He is also a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Modern Woodmen of America, the Improved Order of Red Men and the Eagles. He is a jovial, obliging and open-hearted gentleman whom it is a pleasure to meet, and he has a host of friends in Springfield and over this part of the state.

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