My name is Nicholas Seierup and I started this site.
This site was created using MyHeritage.com.

I am :
Nicholas Seierup 1970 - ( son of :)
Jens Christian Seierup 1939 - 2001 (son of : )
Aage Emil Seierup 1902 - 1965 ( son of : )
Thorvald Seierup 1876 -1952 ( son of : )
Niels Christian Cai West Seierup 1837 - 1897 ( son of : )
Hans Cai SEIRUP..! (churchbook error) 1796-1856 ( son of : )
Mads Pedersen Seierup 1749 -1824 (possible son of : )
Peder Troelsen ( from the Village "Seirup" now spelled "SEJRUP" )

please send me how you are related..! with correct spelled names, and birthdates etc. 

A lot of "Seierup´s" around the world have asked me for info,
and some have send me info...
but if I dont receive info about the people in the family,
there wont be any info to share..!..!..!

-So, please send me info, birthdates, photos etc.

and let me know if something is wrong..

Nicholas Seierup 


UPDATE 13. Februar 2015 ;

 photos & email adresses are being updated.. 

UPDATE : 29. January 2015;

MyHeritage finally relaesed a Mac version, so i can continue on my new "mini mac" with the familytree..! ( my old windows pc retired itself suddenly..)

i have kept a lot of info in the last many month, and i will slowly update all the new data i have recieved, if you see anything wrong, or you have additional data, please let me know.!

  Nicholas Seierup 



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