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For any and all interested in a truly fascinating story, here goes:

Getting family history from my father was no small task. He commonly spoke in what I fondly refer to as 'clipped sentences' (not a long winded talker). This made most answers come out in at most one sentence and at the least one word.  So when questioning about 'what was our family like or where did we come from?....the replies ranged from 'we don't look back too far, might find horse thieves' to 'there was a story about 3 brothers who came to America and went in different directions'.

That was my Dad!

Then just recently the chance to ask my Aunt Shirley arose and once again I heard the 'three brothers' tale.

well...... guess what?

look what came my way    http://thurston_family.tripod.com/origins.htm 

This was sent to me as well....very nice


as long as we are at it     Wink





enjoy....and if I might be so bold......tell your children this tale Wink

For now the documents had to be pulled as they were eating up too much of the sites space (the free version is limited) As soon as I can I will buy the 1 year version which will make much more room. Then I will put them back.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you who have commented and joined and I welcome any and all input to the family tree. With your help it can become more and more complete as well as becoming something we can all be proud of. It seems the older we get the more who we are matters. There is nothing like seeing your family history to get a larger view of what we mean in the whole scheme of things. I have found treasures I cannot even explain.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart



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