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This site hosts the extended Wicht & Hofmeyr family branches.


All family, no matter how distant, are invited to join the site and add their details and photos. Please note, I do NOT manage the site nor administer your branch of the family- you do. If you have an email address for someone already on the tree, please add it under their profile as this automatically makes them a full member with the power to update and invite new members - this way the tree stays active and up-to-date. The intention is not to have huge numbers of people on the tree but rather to focus on quality and personal touches by adding plenty of detail - photos, anecdotes, biographies, photos, press articles, trivia, etc. 


Also visit the family websites http://www.wicht.co.za  and  http://hofmeyrfamily.com (this site was down Feb 2013).


Please note there are numerous variations on the spelling of Hofmeyr, and the convention on this site is to use Hofmeijr up until around 1825 and Hofmeyr thereafter (this may have changed at different times for different branches of the family, so please bear this in mind when doing  a search for your family - try both spellings). 


The site was last updated on Aug 16 2018, and it currently has 215 registered member(s).


A special thanks to Marsheille Dirkse van Schalkwyk who added nearly 2,000 names from the Hofmeyr "blue book" to the tree. 


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Aug 14, 2018
Johann Ahlers joined another family site: Benten Web Site (FamilySearch)
July 09, 2018
Gregory Eeman updated the details of <Private> Eeman in family tree Wicht Hofmeyr and Family
May 21, 2018
David Paul Hofmeyr joined another family site: Hofmeyr Web Site
May 03, 2018
Paul Edwin Fulford updated the details of <Private> de Villiers in family tree Wicht Hofmeyr and Family
Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr created a new family site: Hofmeyr Family Site
Apr 16, 2018
Hazel Ann Hofmeyr updated the details of <Private> Moore in family tree Wicht Hofmeyr and Family
David Wicht updated the details of <Private> Moore (born Hofmeyr) in family tree Wicht Hofmeyr and Family
Mar 28, 2018
Susan Wicht updated the details of <Private> Clark (born Wicht) in family tree Wicht Hofmeyr and Family
Mar 12, 2018
David Wicht joined another family site: Stockenström Web Site, ex Anders
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