My name is John Charles Gile,

 Author of the Guile-Gile-Guiles Genealogy book.



The Guile-Gile-Guiles Ancestor, Samuel Guile, came from England in 1636, and this book includes thousands of descendants over 400 years, mostly in the USA.  

hey fought with the Indians to establish their homes, a great many fought in the 1776 Revolution (26 were in the Battle of Saratoga - the first defeat of the English); their migration eventually included all the States.

This 960-page book is the product of some years of my intensive personal research.  It also includes work by a number of professional researchers as well as extensive research by hundreds of family members, who graciously shared their work for inclusion in the book   


 FAMILY HISTORIANS          24 July 2016 

  To those mambers who are acting as historians for your family, the ones who keep historical records of ancestry, birth, death, obituary record, etc.

  Please write to jcgile@gmail.com concerning the possibility of valuable documents on your family in my files.  Give me the name of the principal ancestor or his file number from my book - this will help me locate files.   

  I will search to locate such records on your family, and will contact to see if you want them.  Be patient - slow work!




When you register on this site as a member of the family (see instructions), You may make corrections to the information in the tree, or add additional descendants.

 Read te instructions on editing the file.  Or contact me at jcgile@gmail.com for help. 


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News articles
Other:Looking for Descendants of Johnathan E. Gile of Minneapolis, Kansas
Posted by: John Charles Gile on Dec 30 2010 12:03
!Obituary, p.5 Minneapolis KS Messenger 16 Jul 1908 "Old Settler Gone" "Jonathan E. Gile was born in New Hampshire Dec. 23, 1825 and died at hishome in Minneapolis July 10, 1908, being 82 years, 6 mos. 20 days old. At theage of 18 years, Mr. Gile moved to New York where he and Samantha Royce wereunited in marriage. To this union, nine sons were born. All are living andall but two were present at their father's funeral. In 1861 the family movedto Wisconsin and came to Kansas in 1870. Mr. Gile lived on the homestead for31 years and the last seven years of his life were spent in Minneapolis..Thebody was laid to rest in Highland Cemetery."
!Will dated 13 Apr 1908, leaves all to wife or, if she predeceases, dividedequally among 9 sons (named), except that a $500 advance he had given to OscarAlberto to be deducted.
!Highland Cem - owned plot, buried with Rosabel (niece), Mary Ellen Gile (dtr.in law), Andrew Carrol Gile (son), Anna V. Pierce.

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Family stories:GUILD and GUILE FAMILIES
Posted by: John Charles Gile on Dec 19 2010 17:12

Genealogy of the

In 1880, Charles Burleigh of Portland, Maine, was Secretary of the Maine Historical Society, and had recently completed his Genealogy of the Burleigh family. His grandmother was a Guile/Gile descendant, and he embarked on researching that line. In the process, he discovered the connection between the Guile and Guild lines, dating back to 1636 when two brothers, John and Samuel, arrived from England. By 1640, John had purchased property in Dedham, and Samuel was one of the 12 Founders of Haverhill.

Although both brothers were in early records using surnames GUILD and GUILE, apparently by about 1655 they seemed to have settled on John using GUILD and Samuel using GUILE. John's descendants have pretty consitently used Guild, which seems uniquely to have been pronounced with an hard "i", and rhymes with "child". Samuel's descendants have used variously Guile, Gile and Guiles, with a few other variations, all with an hard "i".

There had been some limited genealogy published on the GUILD line, but nothing on the GUILE side, so Burleigh embarked on major research on both lines. In 1887, he published the Genealogy and History of the GUILD, GUILE, and GILE FAMILY, a hard-cover book of 380 pages - 24 pages of Introduction, 193 page on the Guild line, 102 pages on the Guile line, and 73 pages on Miscellaneous and Index.

In the 1980s, John Gile (1924 - ) began researching the Guile line, while Margaret (Guild) Lambert (1930 - ) began searching her ancestry. After John published his 960 page book - Genealogy of the GUILE, GILE and GUILES FAMILY - in 1997 on the Descendants of Samuel Guile of Haverhill, he then discovered Margaret hard at work and was able to assist and encourage her to complete her project which was published with 954 pages in 2006.

With this brief background, I now invite you to look at the separate web sites, to read what the authors have to say and to examine the records for your own ancestry. In both cases, the web sites show the work of Charles Burleigh, the previously published work.
To learn about your personal ancestry, please contact the author directly - both are most willing to research and supply information.

John Gile
Victoria, BC
21 Feb. 2007

Genealogy of the GUILE, GILE and GUILES FAMILYGUILD Genealogy, Descendants of John Guild and Elizabeth Crooke

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