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News articles
Genealogy:Family Tree Titles
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Sep 18 2010 11:58

Hello Family:

In my attempt to reload the family tree after computer issues I was only slightly successful. When you pull up the family tree look on the upper right hand side of the screen and you will find a place where the two family trees are listed. You will want to look at the one with all the numbers and letters contained in the title as that is the updated version of the tree.

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Family memories:Biography Secion on Ancestor Profiles
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Sep 17 2010 17:01

Hello Family:

I have added some biographical information from Irma Miller's book to some of the family ancestors. You may want to read a little bit about Andre' Roy, his sons Jean Baptiste, Louis, Francois, and Joseph. I have also added information on Julia Roy (born Royer dit Colas), Julia Roy, and Clement Lessert.

Many of us on this site are descended from Louis Roy. This means that we have 9 generations (my daughters to Andre' Roy) on our Lessert side right now. This is also where some of our Kaw (Kanza) blood comes from.

I hope to provide more biographical information soon as it is very interesting to learn about our ancestors as humans rather than just names in a book or a numbered entry on a geneaology report.

Happy Reading.

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Genealogy:Quisenberry Cousin Found
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Sep 17 2010 11:45

Hello Family:

For those of us descended from Charles E. Revard I thought you may be interested to know that I found a Quisenberry cousin on facebook quite by accident. She had pictures of Ola Quisenberry and some of her family displayed on her facebook profile. She even had baby pictures of Cora and Carrie Anne Revard. Her name is Tina Hollingsworth if you are interested in befriending her on the facebook site. This is a side of the family that we really know nothing about so it may be interesting to some of you to get in touch with her and see what there is to know.

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Genealogy:Have You Seen This Book?
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Sep 17 2010 11:38

Hello Family:

During Jim's two terms as Principal Chief of the Osage Nation he recieved a ton of books from various peoplel and coferences he attended. We've had them all put up in our book case here at the house and of course a bunch more arrived when he cleaned out his office a few months ago.

The other day Baby Nettie was getting into the bookshelf and as I followed her around picking up after her I found a treasure. It is a book by Irma R. Miller (cousin) all about the Lessert branch of our family. I poured through it last night and I thought it would be of interest to some of you if you can find it. They may have copies at the Osage Museum. The title of the book is "French-Indian Families in America's West". It even gives stories of our ancestors Julia Roy and Clement Lessert. Family stories that I thought may be of interest to you.

I am going to try to contact Ms. Miller. I have Kathryn Redcorn at the Osage Muse...

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Babies:Annette Michelle Dawn Gray Receives her Osage Name
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Apr 11 2010 15:15

On the morning of April 11th, Annette Michelle Dawn Gray received her Osage name at a breakfast held for her at Wakon Iron Hall in Pawhuska. Nettie is in the deer clan as are both of her parents. She is the fifth daughter in the family and the seventh child in the family. Her name is the same as her Aunt Gina Gray, well known Native American artist.

Nettie was named by her Uncle Louis Gray. It was the first for both Nettie and Uncle Louis as this was his first naming. Several of the family members spoke during the breakfast including her Aunt Michelle and her Aunt Jackie, both of whom she is named after. Her Uncle Richard Chissoe spoke on behalf of the Revard side of the family.

Nettie received the name Pa-Pe Son-tse. The name cannot be literally translated into English but is best described at that moment when spring is returning for the deer. When the first soft parts of the bark of a tree and seedlings become available again for the deer to eat after a winter of suffe...

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Announcements:The Gray's are on the Campaign Trail
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Apr 11 2010 14:58

Hello Family:

Jim and I will be in Texas next weekend for Jim Gray 2010 Campaign Rallies. The first one will be held at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth on the 17th from 1-4. It is hosted by Tony Rogers and Kim Roach. The second one is in Cypress at the Northwest Forest Conference Center from 2-5. If we have any site family members who are from Texas I would love to meet you at one or the other of the events. I have already heard from a couple that I will get to meet and I am so looking forward to it.

If you don't plan on attending but do plan on voting in the upcoming election then please make sure that you have sent an application in for an absentee ballot. You may print off the application at the tribal website. Absentee ballots are being mailed out in a few weeks so please hurry as the deadline is approaching. You will need a membership card to vote in the general election. There is a separate application for absentee ballot for the election of the Minerals Council ...

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Important:Updating E-Mail Addresses
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Apr 7 2010 20:26

Hello Family:

Please send me a message to update your e-mail addresses. This is particularly for those of you that have listed Osage Nation e-mail addresses as your primary address with us. We wouldn't want anyone getting in trouble for receiving e-mails at work.



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Announcements:Back on the website
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Apr 7 2010 20:11

We've had computer problems, computer problems and more computer problems. Hopefully we have it under control for now.

In addition, I've been helping Jim with his campaign for re-election for a third term as Osage Nation Principal Chief and that has eaten up alot of time. Of course that is a labor of love so I can't complain. You may want to check out one of the many websites we have set up for him

  • chiefgray2010.com
  • facebook.com/jimgray
  • facebook.com/jimgray2010
  • myspace.com/chiefgray2010
  • formspring.me/chiefgray2010
  • and you can find him under chief gray 2010 on youtube

So now you can see what has been occupying all my time lately. I promise to try to do better on our family site.



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Local news:The Chief and Mrs. Gray visit France
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Oct 20 2009 16:02

What a wonderful experience for the Osage delegation who were able to go to France and, on a personal note, what a wonderful experience for my husband and me to visit the country that "founded" love.

The first few days of the trip were spend in Paris visiting the US Embassy, energy companies, and a museum dedicated to indigenous peoples. These visits were very promising and will most likely lead to many exciting new projects for the Nation. We did get one afternoon off to go and see the sites although this was hardly enough to see all that Paris has to offer. We had to make a choice so we chose a visit to the Louvre. It was most amazing.

We were fortunate enough to meet a few Americans living in Paris as well. That lead to a reception and wonderful dinner out of the tourist areas of the city.

Then there was a five hour train ride to the south of France. The countryside was beautiful. There we met up with the second part of our del...

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Local news:Chief and Mrs. Gray visit St. Louis
Posted by: Libbi Gray on Oct 20 2009 15:37

This summer the Chief and Mrs. Gray visited St. Louis along with some of the kids (Sarah, Oli & Nettie) to visit the former home of the Osage Nation and to look at what was previously Mound City.

Doctor Andrea Hunter was also along on the trip with some of her staff from the Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office.

First we visited the remains of a mound in the middle of downtown St. Louis called Big Mound. Unfortunately the mound had been destroyed and a parking lot put up on part of the footprint of the mound. As we walked along the back side of the mound we found the excavation attempts of the State of Missouri. Thankfully Dr. Hunter has put a stop to the excavations. It has not yet been determined, as I understand it, whether or not this was a burial mound and we would not want our ancestors remains disturbed.

Next we went on to visit Sugarloaf Mound, the site recently purchased by our Nation in order to ensure the preservation o...

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