The current featured weblink is an English translation of the Bjornstjerne Bjornson poem entitled "Ole Gabriel Ueland" (click on the poem name to read, backspace to return here)

If you've received an invitation to this site, you'll find many of your ancestors shown under the family tree tab above.  In addition, most of the descendants of Andreas Ueland and Clara Hampson have been added (1898 photo to right), along with those of Frank Scofield and Harriet Nichols.

You're encouraged to upload photos of any relevant family members.  You can then "tag" them, so they'll appear whenever someone clicks on that individual in the tree.  You can also organize your photos (under the photos tab), into an album for viewing by other website members (our extended family)!

Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 1216 names in our family site.
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Scott Ueland (grandson of Sigurd Ueland Sr. and Harriet Louise Scofield Ueland)


Many thanks to Anne Ueland Bailey, Sigurd Ueland Jr, Clara Ueland, Alex Boies and numerous others for data they provided to help make this possible!

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News articles
Family stories:1971 Autobiography by Sigurd Ueland Sr.
Posted by: Scott Ueland on Nov 29 2008 16:40

Never published, this 1971 autobiography by Andreas Ueland's son Sigurd is an interesting read. Entitled "Sense and Senility", it covers a wide variety of topics including his best known law case. His interest in quotations is well reflected in the book, as he cites many of his favorites.

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Family stories:1931 Pamphlets Written by Andreas Ueland
Posted by: Scott Ueland on Nov 29 2008 16:18

The first 1931 pamphlet is entitled "A Minor Melting Pot" by Andreas Ueland.

The full title of the second 1931 pamphlet is "Evolution of Religion with a Hymn to the Creator by Bjornstjerne Bjornson Written for the One Hundredth Anniversary of his Birth" by Andreas Ueland. A mouthful, no?

Thanks to Clara Ueland for making them available. Click "View Full Article" and then double-click on the PDF file within.

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This Web site:Hidden Treasures of this Website!
Posted by: Scott Ueland on Nov 23 2008 15:24

Not everything is easy to find on this website! Here are a couple of things worth hunting for:

Notes attached to family tree members: In order to find the notes attached to many of our ancestors, click on the "Family tree" tab. From there, click on "People". Next, type in the name of the person you want more information on. Then, click on the name you want from the search results (which may be just one person if the name is unique). Lastly, on the line that begins with the word "show", click on "Notes & Sources". Not easy to find, but pretty darn cool when you get there!

Family weblinks: Right now I have some weblinks to family-related information on the front page of this website as "News Articles". The rest can be found by clicking the tab labelled "Activities" and then clicking on "Links". Soon "News Articles" will only be for PDF files or other...

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Family stories:A 1988 Story by Margaret Ueland on the Richfield Road Ueland Homes in Minneapolis
Posted by: Scott Ueland on Nov 17 2008 15:26

Attached is a PDF of a story entitled " The Ueland Family and Their Homes on Interlachen Terrace, Minneapolis". This two page narrative was written by Rolf Ueland's widow Margaret on August 9, 1988. Thanks to Margaret's daughter Clara Ueland for making it available!

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Genealogy:Famous Relatives of Clara Hampson Ueland!
Posted by: Scott Ueland on Nov 6 2008 15:25

Attached is a list of famous people related to Clara Hampson. This list, and $4, will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks... But hey - it's kind of fun to know anyway!

The first PDF entitled "Clara Hampson - Famous Relatives" contains the entire list. The others show the specific link between a given well-known person and Clara.

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Family stories:Scott and Susan Ueland's 10 Year Sailboat Cruising Adventure...
Posted by: Scott Ueland on Nov 6 2008 15:10

The attached PDF is of a story that appeared in our local newspaper, "The Traverse City Record Eagle", detailing the 10 years we spent travelling the world by sailboat.

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