To "our family website". This site belongs to all of you and it will be as interesting as you help me make it. The photos and information you provide will make it more personal to your family. If you are related to my grandparents; Hodgden, Krutzfeld, Burmeister or Gade, this site is for you. The family stories at the bottom of this page will make the history of "our" family come alive. Just find your family story and click on "view full article"

The information in this Hodgden Family Tree is largely the result of many years of hard work by Janis Hodgden Peacock, Judy Hodgden Nelson and Delbert Hodgden. We hope you enjoy this family site and can use it to expand your knowledge of "our" family. If you know any family that would be interested in viewing this site, have them Email me and I will invite them.

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 Carlin passed away on March 12 after a courageous battle with cancer and was laid to rest on March 16 in the Lowden cemetery. LeRoy will be moving to assisted living in Clarence April 1 and will be having a sale at the family farm sometime in April. 
Mar 12, 2015
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 Lloyd passed away on May 26, 2013. Lloyd was a veteran of the U.S. Army and farmed north of Clarence until he retired. Visitation will be May 30, 4-7PM at Chapmans, funeral sevice at United Methodist on May 31 at 10AM. Both in Clarence. 
May 24, 2013
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 Edd Lietz's father Edwin is a grandson of Henry W.Lietz who is a brother to Mathilda who married Henry Gade. Henry's wife was Alma Lendt, an aunt of Elmer Lendt. Great photos from Edd Lietz to help fill in our family tree. Please consider adding some of yours or send them to me. 
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 Bernice passed away peacefully on May 9 at home and will be greatly missed by all of her family who have many wonderful memories of her time on earth. Rest in peace Bernice Elizabeth Mathilda Werner 
May 05, 2013
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 he was my great grandfather 
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 Thanks to Garvis Muesing for sharing family info which gives us the actual name of his grandmother. Marie Louise Elise Burmeister This and much more family info was added to the site. Share your family info. 
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News articles
Family stories:Hodgden Family 1975-This article follows the The Hodgden story below
Posted by: Larry John Hodgden on Apr 12 2015 15:38

Tragedy struck the Hodgdens once again in October 1975 when Gary had a terrible accident. I was at work at Wabash at 6am when I got a phone call that there had been an ambulance call to the Goodale farm. I left immediately and was the first to arrive to find Gary caught in the auger of the combine. I spoke to him to see what had happened and then was there as Dr Kruse and the ambulance arrived. There was no way to get him out so John Lange was called with his portable torch and we cut him free. I rode to the University Hospital with him and waited for the rest of the family to join me. They could not stop the bleeding and because of the serious nature of the injuries Gary died 48 hours later. The funeral was held at 1st UCC with Pastor Dale Marshall. Wayne and Luella were never quite the same again, as you can imagine, but luckily they had three new grandchildren born that year and the family was very close so life went on.

Larry and Sharon had Jennifer, Caroly and Howard had Kim and Nancy and Randy had John in a matter of four months in early 1975 and two years later three more grandchildren joined the family. Larry and Sharon had Jeremy, Nancy and Randy had Teresa and Dennis and Dianna had Tim so as you can imagine family gatherings were very exciting. Thrre more grandchildren came along shortly, Jessica, Megan and Dan to join the fun. Along with Carolyn and Howard's older children Randy and Beth that made 11 grandchildren all living near Wayne and Luella's home.

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Family stories:Hodgden, Gade, Burmeister Ties
Posted by: Sharon Hodgden on May 23 2010 19:00

How three Hodgden brothers married three grandaughters of Henry and Mathilda Gade and what that says about the" theory of relativity". It all starts with three daughters of Henry and Mathilda. Alma Gade married Henry Otte and they had a daughter named Emma who married Floyd Hodgden. They had Delbert and Diane. Alvena Gade married Charles Burmeister and they had a daughter named Leora who married Charles Hodgden. They had two children, Janis and Wendy. Clara Gade married John Burmeister and they had a daughter named Luella who married Wayne Hodgden. They had 5 children, Larry, Carolyn, Dennis, Gary and Nancy. All perfectly normal, more or less.

Of course there's more to this story including "The Honeymoon Farm". Vernon and Sophie lived on this farm located 2 miles northeast of Massillon in 1934 after leaving Elijah's farm near Clarence. When Floyd met and married Emma Otte in Feb 1935, Vernon moved to another farm and Floyd and Emma( the honeymooners...

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Family stories:The Hodgden Family-The beginning in America 1600's
Posted by: Sharon Hodgden on Apr 21 2010 20:25

Our story in america began with Nicholas Hodsdon who came to america from England in the early 1600s and settled in Hingham, Massachusetts. While there he was received as a "freeman" in 1636 and later was granted a house lot and owned two meadows. In1639 he married Esther Wines who bore him six children. After Esther died on Nov 29, 1647, Nicholas married Elizabeth Needham, widow of John Needham, in 1649. In 1650 he purchased land at Cambridge Hill, now Newton, Mass. Sometime before 1656 he had moved to Kittery, Maine, most likely as a result of a religous dispute with the Massachussetts Colony. In 1659 Nicholas was ordered to Boston where he was admonished for entertaining Quakers. Nicholas and Elizabeth had six children with Timothy 1652-1719 being the first son. In 1679, Nicholas deeded 40 acres to Timothy . Nicholas was killed in a battle with indians in 1704.

Several generations later Charles Hodgden and brother, Richard moved to Delaware County, Ohio in 1814 ...

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Family stories:The Krutzfeld Family
Posted by: Sharon Hodgden on Apr 21 2010 19:18

John Carl Krutzfeld was born May 29,1854, in Mecklinberg Germany and was baptized at the Church in Lubsee. Marie Christinana Kruse was born on March 20, 1857 and was baptised in the Lutheran church at nearby Recknitz, one of many small villages in the area. Near there was a castle called Rossewitz which was completed in 1682 by Joachim Heinrich von Vieregge. When the Vieregges went bankrupt in 1780, the castle became the property of the Duke of Mecklinberg. Most families in the area depended upon the "Lord of the Castle" for their livlelihood and many worked directly in the castle. Marie's aunt, Sophie Ida Kruse worked there in 1840 when she had a baby by Wilhelm Schroeder. The Krutzfeld and Kruse families livied and worked in these small villages which were connected through the castle.

John's father, Gottlieb, died in 1866 and by the time John was 13 he was working for a living as a "Horseman" caring for horses, cleaning the barn, driving the coa...

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Family stories:Gade Family
Posted by: Sharon Hodgden on Apr 19 2010 20:46

Heinrich and Katherine Krueger Gade arrived in America from their home in Metzingen, Germany on May 11, 1869 with Henry Gade, Larry's great grandfather, who was four years old. They settled at Proviso IL near Chicago but when Henry's father died in 1871, Katherine moved her family to Lowden. In 1885 Henry married Mathilda Lietz and they raised a large family on a farm one mile west of Lowden. Their children were William, August, Helena, Fred, Alma, Alvina, Louis, Walter, and Clara who was later to marry John Burmeister and become Larry's grandmother.

Mathilda Lietz's father Wilhelm(William) Lietz and his wife Albertine came to America in 1866 with his sister, Wilhelmina. William had married Albertine Milbratz in 1860 in Germany and their first child, Mathilda was born in Elmhurst, Ill on July 21, 1867 and was raised on the farm northeast of Lowden. She was joined by brother Henry who married Alma Lendt, sister Emma who married August Siebel and sister Helena ...

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Family stories:Burmeister Family
Posted by: Sharon Hodgden on Apr 18 2010 20:23

The Burmeister family, Johann and Catherine along with John P. migrated to america from Germany in 1873. Larry's great grandfather John P. was 15 at the time. They settled in the Lowden area where John P. married Elizabeth Dettman in 1884. They had six children, Henry, Emma, Eliza, Charles, Anna and John H who was Larry's grandfather. All except Emma married and raised families in the area. In 1908-09 John P. helped build a new school in Lowden and a 12 year old John H.( Larry's grandfather) was photographed sitting in the schoolhouse window with his dog(see Burmeister photos). John and Elizabeth farmed near Lowden, exactly where is yet unknown, as the story goes that the Burmeisters had some sheep on the farm and the boys, Hank, Charlie and John liked to tease them with a basket of grain. One day Hank and Charles bet Johnny, as our grandpa was known, that he could not ride one of these sheep and sure enough he had to try. As the sheep ran through the gate with Johnny ...

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Family stories:Old Farmstead of the Lietz's(Gade Album)
Posted by: Sharon Hodgden on Apr 18 2010 19:40
The photo was taken of The William and Albertine Lietz family at the farm northeast of Lowden on Christmas Day 1895. William and Albertine are in the buggy. Great grandparents Henry and Mathilda Lietz Gade are sitting on the log with Helena. August and Heinrich Gade are sitting on the log. Heinrich died in 1896. William gade,10 years old, is on the horse near the barn. Helena Lietz is on the log by the fence, later to marry Louis Stolte. Emma Lietz and August Siebel are standing together and Henry and Alma Lendt Lietz with 1 year old Amos beside them. Other buggies in the background indicate the family may have been gathering for a Christmas celebration, probably after church services.
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Announcements:Additions & Corrections
Posted by: Sharon Hodgden on Dec 16 2008 12:35
LaughingIf anyone finds additions or corrections please let me know, so the site can try to stay current. I don't have everyone email address, so if you would like to furnish that, please let me know.
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