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A Udaller held his land in Freehold, and fell outside the Feudal System. The name Udal or Udale is found in the Orkney Island and is commonly found in Norway. A number of Udals lived in Dorset - UK

Family Tree Charts: Done by Edgar William Timmis in 1923 (Son of Honoria Udal, daughter of William Udal born 1802, who lived at Park Mount.
Chart 1:
● Descendants of John Udal born 1682. Netherbury -Dorset
● Descendants of John Udal 1798 (Uncle to William)
Chart 2:
● Descendants of William Udal born 1844 in UK. (9 Sons)
● Descendants of John Symonds Udal born 1848 (Brother of William.)
New updated Charts done by Sean Udal in 2007

An important link between John Udal 1683 and his biological father needs to be confirmed. He was baptized John Udal, yet his "father" was William Woodman. This may be patronage, as a result of Uvedales (Udal) dying from smallpox in the area. The exact details why the surnames were different, will always be a mystery.

De Uvedale is from Norman French. The Vikings colonised normaly as well as parts of England.The name de Uvedale changed to Uvedale, and then to Udal or Udall or Udale or Udel or Udell. "The Coat of Arms of the elder branch of the Uvedale family; Argent a Cross Moline Gules painted on a Silver Shield. " ". At least 700 years old. " The Crest is the Cap of Maintenance with two Ostrich Feathers one white one red.

● Possible descendants of Hugh de Uvedale 1161 AD
(The Uvedale Connection still needs to be confirmed.)
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