Cool The year of Discovery.  So many new things learned as more and more information is becoming available on the internet. I’m  understanding how all of our families intertwined over the years. To truly imagine what knowing them might have been like, we need to understand how they lived. 

 Together we have answered unanswered questions and put faces to names we only heard of growing up.  We’ve shared  old pictures,  old memories, and stories of times since past.  Our family tree’s have grown from a small family of 500 to the addition of two more tree’s, and dozens of family connections. Currently over 1200!!

Our heritage is taking on a life of it’s own here. And the story is pretty amazing! This site has surpassed anything I could have hoped to accomplish in the last year.

Thank you to Everyone who has contributed along the way!!

If you have any comments or information regarding the persons or families listed in this tree  please contact me at:  Blondbndt@msn.com 

Help me preserve our famiies heritage for our children, and our grandchildren. Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 5299 names in our family site.

The site was last updated on Nov 15 2018, and it currently has 191 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.  

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Nov 15, 2018
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