My name is Mary Annis and I am the Site manager of this site.

     This site was created using MyHeritage.com. Unfortunately the Family Tree Builder will not upload any new information to here. As a result, when my membership comes up for renewing, I will not be renewing. I am sorry if this causes any inconvenience. Membership runs out in June. You have until then to grab any information you would like to keep, including photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me. I have moved to Ancestry.com.   Here I can add new information on site. This is an ongoing project, there are bound to be mistakes. The earliest event is the birth of Richard Newton, in 1542. This site was last updated on June 25 2017.

      The miscellaneous information is there in hopes to find a link. If no link is found, it is my hope someone can benefit by it. Also you will find several individuals not related. They have the surname of someone who is in my tree. Hopefully the connections can be made and if not, I hope they can benefit someone else.

So get a cup of tea, coffee (Hot or Iced) or hot chocolate and enjoy the site. Please come back often.

Have a great day!!

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News articles
Obituaries:Russell Owen Annis
Posted by: Mary Annis on Mar 14 2012 09:19
Russell Owen Annis passed away peacefully of Colon Cancer, March 6, 2012 at Kindred Hospital in Peabody, Mass. He resided in Groveton (Northumberland) N. H. He was born March 28, 1948 in East Concord Vt., the son of Josiah Charles Eugene Annis and Mildred Dorothy (Ackerman) Isham, and the spouse of Mary Ellen Bedell, daughter of Ralph Henry Bedell, Sr. and Daphne Isabell Newton.
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This Web site:Calling all family members
Posted by: Mary Annis on Oct 26 2009 22:40
Lets make this more than a site to explore our heritage. Please feel free to invite any family member to the site who is not already a member. There are many family members that I do not have e-mail addresses for that have yet to be invited.
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Local news:Newton Fire
Posted by: Mary Annis on July 3 2009 09:41
Recently I have come into the possession of the articles featured in the Coos County Democrat on the 1951 fire. Because of its content and the feelings of those involved, I have chosen not to publish it. However if anyone is interesting in obtaining a copy of these articles I can send it to you if you e-mail me at my e-mail address or send a request through this web site.
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Posted by: Mary Annis on Mar 30 2009 20:34
Check out the Newton line. We are amongst the family of Sir Isaac Newton. For those who don't know much about history, he was a famous philosepher for his time. Look it up in history to learn more.
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Genealogy:The meaning in a name
Posted by: Mary Annis on Feb 23 2009 21:27
The name Bedell means "Town Crier". The name Annis means "Big Nose". And not to insult the name of Annis, as I am one, the meaning is certainly true, as the Annis line still prevails with the "big nose".
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Genealogy:Bedell Bridge
Posted by: Mary Annis on Feb 23 2009 21:24
For those of the other Bedell's who came from England. It was one of your ancesters who built this bridge. Our Bedell ancesters came from Ireland. It may be a long time ago one of our ancesters traveled to Ireland from England, we may never know.
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