For most of us, our nighttime dreams make for fun recall and interpretation in the morning. The vivid, movie-like scenes include our movement through a virtual world once we reach the buy instagram likes multiple pictures rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. So that we don’t actually act out those dreams physically, our brains normally put our muscles into a state of paralysis to keep us motionless in our beds. However, this safety restriction malfunctions in about 1 in 200 people, allowing them to mimic their dream movements including flailing, swinging arms and legs which can cause injury to themselves or their bedmates.Known as Rapid Eye Movement Behavior Disorder (RBD), it is often associated with neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, especially in the elderly. Two recent research papers, based on data from the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging, have tried to understand not only the association of RBD and brain disorders but if RBD symptoms can be an accurate early predictor of future neurodegeneration.In a 2012 study using the Mayo Sleep Questionnaire, researchers at Mayo Clinic followed 44 volunteers who had tested positive ways to get more likes on instagram for probable RBD over four years to watch for signs of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), an early warning sign for several neurodegenerative disorders.They found that 34% of those with probable RBD developed MCI or Parkinson disease within four years, a rate 2.2 times greater than that of a healthy population of similar age but with no symptoms of RBD.

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Precognition and Lucid Dreams

Like all psychic predictions, I find the idea of precognitive dreams requires blind faith. After all, many of our dreams are too interpretive and scattered to make sense of the future get more followers and likes on instagram information we're supposed to be receiving.For example, a lucid dreamer could predict the sinking of the Titanic by asking for the name of the ship, the number of people on board, the number of victims, and the time and location that the ship would go down. Having access to such explicit information would leave no doubt as to the existence of precognitive dreams.Currently the only support for psychic dreams comes in the form of anecdotal evidence. And let's face it, if we dream of a plane crash and then a plane crash occurs in the next few days, that personal experience is pretty compelling because it's packed with emotions and seems too striking a coincidence from the special first-hand perspective. No wonder some people think they're psychic.But this sort of coincidental anecdote doesn't really help us. If anything, it casts more doubt over the reliability of so-called psychic dreams, and may even hinder genuine attempts to investigate the nature of any unconscious sixth sense while dreaming.If nothing else, we can gain future insight ways to get more likes on instagram from our lucid dreams by taking advantage of the unconscious intuition principle I mentioned earlier. If Mary had a unconscious inkling that she was pregnant, it would be quite easy to ask her lucid dreaming self whether this was the case. Other lucid dreamers, while talking to their unconscious self, ask for personal insights that would otherwise go under the conscious radar. It's a great way to explore your unconscious mind.

Can Dream and Visions Foretell the Future?

Being more astonished by coincidence, could have made you more vigilant for threat in our ancestral environment, more paranoid, and therefore more able to detect and defend against ways to get more likes on instagram predators in our ancestral past. We could be genetically wired up to be surprised by coincidence.But paranoia and surprise by chance is only helpful if it leads to an actual action that then produces a positive outcome. The passenger reported to have posted the prophetic internet message about the Malaysian Airlines Jet due to be flying over Ukraine, apparently still did board the plane.The recent lottery-winner case appears an excellent example of a kind of quasi-scientific proof that dreams can foretell the future, because the person who had the dream then engaged in an action the next day as a direct result - persuading his boss to buy a lottery ticket.Yet if the waiter in the most recent legal judgement get more followers and likes on instagram ruling was so convinced by his prophetic dream - why did he not take more precautions to safeguard his claim to the win?The most obvious explanation for many coincidences is 'just chance'. Tending to be more surprised by coincidence suggests a tendency to reject the 'it's just chance' account. For example, there will be some who put it down to just chance that two Malaysian Airlines Jets should suffer catastrophe in a short space of time. Others will be much more surprised.

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