1. Choose the brand of laptop
choosing a laptop brand is dependent on the tastes of every person. However, famous laptop brands usually have a very good assembly quality and after sales service and a complete service center. The service is indispensable if the laptop is damaged. If you don't want to get complicated by damage, the advice I choose a laptop with well-known brands sold in the market and have good sales services.

2. New Laptops
although the price of a used laptop is more affordable , you should still choose a new laptop. 

3. Buy a laptop in a trusted store
à seek information about friends who've been buying a laptop, ask them about a recommended shop whose honest services in buying and selling. Do not easily believe in the sweet promises of the sales took

4. Warranty
à good laptop brands always have the official warranty. Do not buy a laptop that no official guarantee

5. Specifications
à buy a laptop with the specifications as needed. Usually, if we create among students at the students, who need to  do the duties, typing, and browsing using wifi.

6. Completeness
Ensure that the laptop you will buy is sealed both outside and inside

7. Check the wallet
à quite clear. Purchase of any goods, including laptops, it must first check your wallet, right? :)
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