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Family stories:WILLIAM G. BUTLER
Posted by: ShawMarie Butler-Cox on Mar 30 2010 22:26


When the trains began to haul their first long strings of clacking freight cars loaded with cattle, many ranchmen were happy that for their sons the getting of cattle to market in the future would be so simplified. Weeks on the trail, driving their slow moving herds, through days of sun and days of rain, with always nights on the great outside, were now over. But life has a way of compensating, and from these men who had been called on to use the best that was in them of courage and of resourcefulness through those years, there grew a line of sturdy, hardy men who could not have just happened to be as they were. They had been developed.

Among these Knights of the Cattle Trail— the old trail drivers— was William G. Butler, of Karnes county, known all the way up and down the trail as Bill Butler.

When Texas was young and raw and the bad man seemed ever ready to get the better of the good ...

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Family stories:Russell's Family Story
Posted by: ShawMarie Butler-Cox on Mar 28 2009 16:23
Our family story all began with the union of James Woodrow Butler and Lucille McLaughlin way back in the West Texas deserts around Toyavale, Texas. My Uncle Henry was working around the Pecos area when he brought home a friend he was working with. Grandpa and Grandma, JT (Jefferson Thomas) and Pearl McLaughlin, were living and working on a ranch outside of Toya and Uncle Henry would bring his buddy home with him sometimes. His buddy was from Brady Texas. It was a lot further to travel to Brady than Toya for a good home cooked meal, so Jim would ride with Uncle Henry to Toya and he got to liking one of Uncle Henry's sisters, Lucille. Momma thought he was tall dark and handsome and set a horse pretty good. Jim and Uncle Henry started coming home to the ranch house more often now and it seemed to be more of Jim wanting to see someone that Uncle Henry wanting to come home so much. It was a long hot ride horseback from Pecos to Toya, you know.That's how I remember Momma telling me how they met, her and Jim. Maybe some of what I remember her telling me isn't quite correct, but that's how I remember her telling me when I was a boy many years ago. I don't remember much more than that, except that after they were married, this man from El Paso was building this Natural Gas Pipeline from Jal, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas that would supply El Paso with natural gas and move El Paso into the 20th century. With the construction of the pipeline lots of workers were hired and some of those were ranch hands like our Grandfather and Uncles and father. It paid good and steady. That's how the McLaughlin’s and Butler's started out in the oilfield patches. As time went on and the pipeline moved further west from the Pecos area, our family moved west also. Now Grandma, Pearl, was from the San Antonio area and you'll have to ask Millie about that since I don't know or remember much about her side of our family. Millie was the first born to Jim and Lucy then Jimmy, Linda and lastly me, Russell.

After I came along Mama and Jim divorced in 1954 and Mama was left raising three children on her own. In the late 1950’s Mama met and married Art Warren, a man that was known as a dancer.. She said, “That man could dance better than any man she knew”… and she loved to dance… and so the match was made! I always thought my love of dancing came from watching the two of them dance around the room!

Some of us called him Art, but most of us kids knew him as Daddy Art. He was a good man that had a strong religious background. He was our strength and our family rock. We all turned to him when we needed help and he gave it to us. He could play a Harmonica as good as anyone around but many times felt he was annoying others when he played. Little did he know we loved it!

Daddy Art loved Lucy as much as anyone could love a spouse and he really missed her when she was gone. He loved little children and loved being around other people even though he felt he might not fit in.

Daddy Art had four children previous to his marriage to Mama. Ken, Dennis, John and Tony Warren. They are Stepbrothers and sister and a part of our extended family. Ken Warren has pasted way, Dennis lives in Seattle Washington, Tony lives in Nacogdoches Texas and John lives in Portland Oregon.

I am Russell the youngest of the four children born to Momma and Jim. I can't tell you much about my father, but my older brother and sisters can. I can tell you a lot about our mother from my prospective and I know my brother and sisters can tell you more.

I can say that this family really loves to have fun when they get together. I am really hoping to see all of you there at the reunion.

My wife, Margaret and I live in Vidor Texas and we have three children, Shaw Cox, Misty and Cole Butler. Shaw is married to James Cox from Vidor and Misty past away in 2002 and Cole lives in Austin with his girlfriend Summer. Her cousin and one of my best friends in El Paso, Texas introduced Margaret and me. Margaret was a beauty from New Mexico and I fell madly in love right from the start. I just couldn't help myself. We dated long distant for a year and then we married. I was so happy to be her husband and still am to this day, even after 35 years together. I'm a lucky Man. This is only the beginning of Margaret's and mine life together, now let's here something from the rest of Ya'll.

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Family stories:Grandma's Will
Posted by: ShawMarie Butler-Cox on Mar 27 2009 14:33
Linda Butler Beber wrote an essay about the Mclaughlin family.
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