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 Jim Darty

Daugherty Family

Thomas Daugherty born Oct 21, 1779, died Oct 19, 1834 Upson County Georgia, married Sarah Tomlin born Feb 10, 1792, died Mar-1880 Randolph County Alabama
[Randolph County death index: Daugherty, Sarah age 90 years, born GA, parents born VA, died Mar-1880 Bronchitis, number of years in County-6]
This part comes from an old family bible;   Thomas Michael O’Dogherty b; abt 1650 married M. Siabhan McConnalogue no bith date given or marrage date. They were married in Ireland.  Their child was Liam O’Dogherty b; 1670 he married Sila O’Cleary.  Their children were Michael O’Dogherty b; 1690 in Lagan Valley, Donegal Ireland.  He died in 1761 in Augusta Co (now bath county) Va.  He married Agnes Ncdermint on date given.  Child was William Daugherty b; 1712 Muff Inishowen Donegal Ireland. D; July 6, 1773 Montgomery co Va.  He married an Indian woman names Elizabeth Bunch.  This line connects to the upper Thomas Daugherty Note about Sarah Tomlin1812 War claim for Daugherty, Thomas of Randolph, Ala;  Sarah Daugherty was on the 1880 list of pensioners #6,625 Residence, Rockdale, Randolph Co, Ala. On this the 12th day of June 1875 Sarah Daugherty Age 83 a resident of Alabama, She declares she is the widow of Thomas Daugherty, deceased, who was a private in the company commanded by capt walker, by col Jet Thomas in the war of 1812. Serving for 6 months. She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining additional bounty land to which she may be entitled under act of March 3, 1855. She received 40 acres.  Also I have records of Sarah Ann Tomlin b; Georgia lived in walker co Alabama in the mid 1800’s


Dennis born Apr 11, 1814-1870, married Eleanor Hudgeons, buried Carroll County GA
1. Frances born 1836 married 1. James Bearden
2. Thomas L. born 1838, died 1909, married Sarah Phillips, buried Poplar Springs Carroll County GA [Private 7th Georgia Company F]
3. Robert A. born 1840 [Private 7th Georgia Company F] possibly died in the Civil War
4. Martha born 1845
5. Sarah E. born 1847

John born Jun 6, 1817- Georgia

C.H. Jacob born May 1, 1819, married 1. Agiah Hager Oliver married 2. Alvada Martha Burson
Children of first marriage:
1. Mary born 1841
2. Sarah J. born 1843
C. born 1844 [25th Georgia Battalion]
4. John J. born 1847, married Nancy Keirbow
5. Daniel A. born 1849, died 1933, married Sally Cook, buried Ai Cleburne County Alabama
6. Thomas J. born 1852
7. Armon Amanda born 1855, married Thomas Hornsby
8. William Oliver born 1856, married Georgia Ann Smith
9. Anna D. born 1861
10.Martha C. born 1862
Children of second marriage:
1. Elizabeth born 1865
2. Julia born 1866, married George W. Driver
3. Teresa born 1869
4. Lou E. born 1872, married Warren Driver
5. Jacob F. born 1874, married Rosa Almon
6. Gaines Madison born May 12, 1876, died, Dec 14, 1944, Cullman County Al, married Elvie J. Tackett
7.       Ezekiel B. born 1879
9. Richard Garfield born 1885, died 1917 Omie Tackett, buried Carroll County GA

Georgia Census
Carroll County
714th Militia District or 10th.
Page 178A
#265 Dougherty, Jacob, white, male, 61, married, farmer, born Ga., father born N.C., mother born S.C.
Elvada, white female, 40, wife, married, keeping house, born Ga.
W. Oliver, white, male, 20, son, single, works on farm, born Ga.
Agia D., white, female, 19, daughter, single, at home, born Ga.
Martha C., white female, 17, daughter, single, at home, born Ga.
Elizabeth, white, female, 15, daughter, single, at home, born Ga.
Julia A., white, female, 13, daughter, single, at home, born Ga.
Tanza R., white, female, 11, daughter, single, at home, born Ga.
Lon E., white, female, 8, daughter, single, born Ga.
Jacob F., white, male, 6, son, single, born Ga.
Ganes W., white, male, 4, son, single, born Ga.
Ezekiel B., white, male, 1, son, single, born Ga.

1870 Georgia Census
Carroll County
Carrollton District
Post Office, Carrollton, Ga.
Page 150A
#279 Dougherty, Jacob, 51, male, white, farmer, born Ga.
Elvada, 27, female, white, keeping house, born Ga.
Daniel A., 21, male, white, works on farm, born Ala.
Thomas J., 19, male, white, works on farm,, born Ala.
Sarah J., 17, female, white, born Ala.
Anora A.A., 15, female, white, born Ala.
William O. [possibly D] 12, male, white, works on farm, born Ga.
Agaih P., 10, white, female, at home, born Ga.
Martha C., 7, female, white, at home, born Ga.
Elizabeth M., 5, female, white, at home, born Ga.
Julia A., 3 female, white, at home, born Ga.
Teresa R., 1, female, white, at home born Ga.

There is a J.T. Daugherty on the 1880 Census that could possibly be Thomas J.

1880 Alabama Census
Cleburne County
Page 219D
J.T. Daugherty, self, married, male, white, 28, born Ga., farmer, parents, born Ga.
S.J. Daugherty, wife, married, female, white, 32, born Ala.
W.C. Daugherty, son, male, white, 4, born Ala.
W.O. Duagherty, son, male, white, 2, born Ala.

There is a John J. Daugherty on the 1880 Census

1880 Georgia Census
Coweta County
District 806
Page 513A
John J. Daugherty, self, married, male, white, 34, born Ga., farmer, father born S.C., mother born Ga.

Anderson born 1821, died 1897, married Elizabeth Blackwelder, buried Shiloh-Delta Clay County


1. John T born 1839,died after 1864 married Emily Mathis, Company I, 5th Alabama ‘’Wounded at Gettysburg-sent home’’ buried Shiloh-Delta Clay County, sent to the Talladega Camp of Instruction in 1864
2. Martha Ann born 1841 married Joseph E. Smith
3. Mary Jane born 1842,died 1926 married James McKay Jones
4. William H. born 1845,died 1861 ‘’Disabled in the war-sent home’’ ‘’Killed Accidentally at home’’ Company I, 5th Alabama] buried Shiloh-Delta Clay County
5.Sarah Elizabeth born 8/30/1847,died 1/26/1930 married Benjamin Newton Saxon
6. Thomas J. born 1850, died 1901 married Nancy H.V.___. Buried Valley Grove Tallapoosa County AL.
1880 Alabama Census
Clay County
Thomas J Daugherty, married, male, white, 30, born Ala., father born Ga., mother born N.C.[Feb 10-1850 Nov 3 1901, buried Valley Grove Cemetery, Tallapoosa
Nancy A.V., Daugherty, wife, female, white, 28, born Ga.[Mar 7, 1850 Mar 30, 1938, buried Valley Grove Cemetery, Tallapoosa]
Caldonia V. Daugherty, daughter, female, white, 9, born Ala.
Mary E., Daugherty, daughter, female, white, 6, born Ala.
William A., Daugherty, son, male, white, 2, born Ala.

7. Jacob Franklin born 1852, died 1917 married 1st Elizabeth Shaddix, born 1858, died 1892, daughter of John Shaddix, Jr. and John Lucinda (Duke) Clayton; 2nd Frances A.
Adeline Summerlin, daughter of Glisson and Polly Owen. All these are buried Shiloh Clay County
8. Sarah Elizabeth born 1853, died 1915 married P.G. Parks
9. David Marion, born 1855,died 1918 married Frances A. Jones born 1855, died 1922.
10. Julia Catherine born 1858,died 1928 married Cash Berry Coleman Clayton
11. Frances born 1860.
12. James F born 1861 married Nancy DeLoach?
13. M.J. born 1864

Elizabeth Amanda born 1824, died 1898, married David J. Hardage

Joel Adam born 1850, died 1917
2. William Thomas  born
3. John David
4. James A
5. Martin Ross
6. Frances E
7. Charles R
8. Emma A
9. Annie E

Malinda born 1825

Thomas born Mar 22, 1826, died Aug 22, 1903, married Sarah Ann Hardage born 1826, died 1913, buried Carolina Cemetery, Neshoba Mississippi

1. Albert W. born 1845
2. Mariah J, born 1847, died 1916, buried Carolina Cemetery Neshoba Mississippi
3. Andrew Jackson born 1848, died 1920, married Katherine Hegler
4. William A. born 1852, died 1948, married Sarah Jane-
Adam born 1855
6. James M born 1856
7. Eleniah M born 1859
8. Bert born 1864, died 1922, buried Carolina Cemetery Neshoba Mississippi
9. Della born 1869, died 1957

born 1828,died 1894 he married Rutha Whitman born 1832 died after 1900 buried Corinth Cemetery Randolph County


John T born 1851 married Sarah- buried CORINTH
Jacob Oliver born 1853, died 1918, married Ava Ann Buchanan, buried Calhoun County Alabama
James D born 9/1/1857,died 12/8/1938 married Doshie Roberts buried Corinth Randolph County
Mary Jane Elizabeth born 1860,died 1935 married William Buchanan buried Corinth Randolph County
W born 1864
Emma born 1869 married Robert Morrison
Martha born 1870 married William Bibles [Son of William Bibles and Laura Evans]
Susan born 1873 did not marry, buried Corinth Randolph County

Sarah Emily born 1830

William Edmond born 1832 married Sarah Carthrine Tidd (Todd) Born Abt 1835 Married 25 July 1854 in Marion County Georgia or William Thurman Daugherty (the Thurman might be Edmond). Now in the 1860 Federal census William and Sarah are in a household with two children Mary age 5 and Leroy age 3 also in the same house are Armstrongs. Their family lists John & Eliza with kids Martha Ann Armstrong (our Grandmother) Age 25, Joseph,john, Pinkney,Smith.  William states he was born in Ga also Sarah and mary and Leroy. The census was in Marion county Alabama 1860.
 In 1866 Alabama State census Winston county  Darity William (males under 10) 2 : Males 10 to 20 –0 ; Males over 20 –1 ; Females under 10 –3 ; Females 10-20  0 ; Females over 20  1 ;   The next census in 1870 Winston county Alabama.  William’s last name is now Darity with Wife Anna (Martha Ann Armstrong). He is 45 and she is 30. Mary is 15 and Levi (Leroy) is 13  Now Joel age 11 Heneah age and Lurilla age 3 ( the aunt that sleep with everyone in Nauvoo). He states born in Mississippi and she was born in Ark everyone else Alabama. The next census 1880 Winston county Alabama.  William’s last name is now Dougherty with wife Anne. He is 50 and she is 43.  Mary is gone Nathan is 15 (I think this to be Levi) Joseph B 15 (I think this to be Joel) Lurilla age 13 (and lookin gooood). Aubrey age 9 and Reese P. age 4. States he is born in Georgia and Anne is born in Georgia also Nathan . Joseph in Alabama lurilla in Ala Aubrey in Ala Reese in Alabama. This is just a side story not fact Lurilla / roehler/ lourella was said to have had 5 sons out of wedlock by 5 different fathers each took on the fathers first name and kept last name as darty. Lee Dodd had a son Lee darty Sr by Luella. Dave charles Dodd or D.C. Dodd and Curt Dodd. Dave Darty b; 1886 and Lee Darty b; 1892 and Curt Darty b; 1892. also Haley Darty and Theopolis Darty (fathers Unknown) In 1900 Joe D Darty moves out and marries nancey and Nathan is married 18 April 1899 In 1910 Nathaniel Roberty Darity and Rhoda (Brock) has William Thurman B;1901 , John P 1903, Hona L 1905, Lourella V 1906, Floyd Lee (B) 1909, Opie 1918, John 1919 George 1920, Lee E 1922. Now own grandma Sudie lists all the kids that Nathaniel & Rhoda had except for John B; 1918 and George b; 1920 and Lee e. b;1922. This is how Sudie stated the Darty record;  This verse stops blood Ezekel 16 Chap 6.   Nathanel Darty Born July 30Rhoda Brock Born July 31 1880  Married Feb 1 1899 Mr  Darty passaway May 30, 1914 Mrs Darty  passed away Jan 19, 1944         William Thurman b; April 4, 1901        George Washington b; March 19,1905        Opie Byron b; Oct 4, 1907        Floyd Lee b; Dec 5, 1909        Charlie Vester b; June 3, 1911        Doshie Ann b; Aug 24, 1914         There are some of the infants that didn’t live I have no record of them. Opie Bryon Darty family Minnie b; July 18,1912Christopher Columbus b; April 28,1945Rhoda Lavis b; Sept 28, 1947 died Jan 27, 1948 

I wont you all to have this copy if you all wont them so when each ones write them a copy sign your names on here and send on to another one till you all get a copy.


For some reason Sudie does not name Curt or John patrick.  In 1805 Georgia Land lottery in the list of person entitled to get in the draw were;       John Daugharty      Charles Daugherty      Dempsey Daugherty----I like this guy      Jacob Daughtrey      Joseph Daughtrey      Michael Daughtrey In  1895 in Winston county Alabama Joseph Dougherty and Nathaniel Dougherty applied for land lottery and was granted in January 24, 1895. Just a note I have a William J Darty b;1861 to 1925 tenn andSarah Ann b1867 d;? having James Milton Darty in 1880 d;1948  Married Maude 1886 d 1963 they had Herman,Homer,May,William,Jimmy ray living in Madison Tn the census living there in 1910,1920,1930.there may be a connection as of yet i cant find it.. In the 1900 Alabama census marion county  Joe Darty is out of household and married to Nancy Their kids are Susie age 7; Josie age 3; Eller age 2 ; Ernest age 1 In the 1910  Federal census for Winston county Alabama Nathaniel Darty age 53 with Rhoda age 23 William T Darty age 9 ; John p age 7; George W. age 5 ; Ocella V age 4 ; Floyd B age 1 also living next house was Curt E age 21 wife Barbara age 20  with brothers Lee age 16 and Oppie age 14 Also the next house down is Joe D Darty age 48 wife Nancy age 36 kids Susanna age 18 ; Josephine age 15 ; Lucella V age 12 ; Lee E age 11 ; Hellena age 10 ; Hammer l age 8; Cora A age 4; William J age 2  Also in 1910 down the road these two are boarders Haley Darty age 26 ; Robert Darty age 27   Note; Robert and Nathan and Joe D Claim to be born in Georgia  In the 1920 Federal census for wintson county Alabama (Nathaniel is gone)  Rhoda Darty age 36; William t Darty age 18 ; John age 16 ; George age 13 ; Opie age 11 ; Lee e age 10 ; Charlie v age 8 ; Docia a age 6 ; Also in the area is Hammer or (Homer) Darty age 78 female ;  Arbella (daughter) age 37 ; Calvin age 16 ; Alex age 14 ; Irland age 10 ; Sam age 9: Daisy T age 6 Also in the area is Haley Darty age 35 ; wife Nevana annie Cagle age 34 ; Archie or (William Thomas) darty age 16 ; Howard  age 8 ; Lee age 6 ; Robert age 5 ; Rushie palistine age 4 ; Millard age 1 ( this is probably one of Lurella’s sons) I have Haley’s father as Walker Haley Darty (I don’t know) Also in the area is Alex darty age 20 ; Claudie m age 29 ; Joe age 12 ; Nadine age 9  Also in 1920 in the area of marion is  Joe D Darty age 52 ; Nancey E age 47 ; Louella v age 21 ; Lee e  age 18 ; Ellena age 17 ; Hona L age 15 ; Cora A age 14 ; George W age 11 ; Andrew J age 9 ; Effie M age 7 ; Walter I age 1; Also in  1910  Winston co Alabama Sallie A Darty (widow) is listed in John S Cagle household She has Earnest J age 6  and William F (J) age 2Also in 1920  Sallie A (Darty)(cagle) remarried to William f Bramlett with Earnest J age 16 listed as Stepson Also in 1920 Margaret A Darty ( the matriarch of the family) is listed at age 92 widow living with granddaughter in John strickland’s household. Age 25 eife Josie D age 24 . This also is informational about our relatives in Alabama;     Theo Darty b;1923 died aug 1977 Shot himself Carbon Hill Ala (Father Lee Darty Sr  b;1892 mother Mary magdeline Nix b;1902).                                                                                            Kitty Jean Darty b;1931 died jul 1964 Heart exploded Lee darty Jr found her in bed with the baby laying beside (Father Lee Sr mother Mary M Nix) In the 1930 census Walker county Alabama Rhoda Darty age 50 widow with John age 22 ; Tedford age 20 ; Lee age 18 ; Opie age 16 ; Charlie v age 14 ; Daisy age 14 states either daug or step ;  also in the same household is list Annie Canida widow age 26 kids Lilla m age 6 ; William T age 5 ; janous age 4 ; John h age 1 

Here is a death notice in the Detroit news  Virgil Darty b; july 8, 1934 Nauvoo Alabama to John Patrick Darty  and Annie Harbin Darty. Died November 26, 2007. in Michigan. Graduated from Carbon hill High in 1953 . Virgil retired from Mcclouth steel.  He is preceded in death by his grandparents Nathaniel and Rhoda (cagle) Darty .  For some reason they listed Rhoda as Cagle not Brock also our family (dads Nelson) did not visit or even knew about this darty.  Maybe this is offspring of illegitimate darty’s. (Yeah, like we are a pure line)

 In the 1930 marion county Alabama census mom Virlie Darty is listed as Verlie Clark age 4 and in the household of John F Benson 52 wife Emma Benson age 50 Francis Benson (my Granny) age 18 Walter age 16 Maloy age 13 Lucius (favorite uncle) age 11 Also Ada Clark age 28 Ila Mae age7 Eva age 5 Lillie pearl age 4 Millard Ramer age 18. So mom was passed off as a clark when Francis was her real mom. Francis mom was an ingle (Emily) emily’s sister was Lucy Jane and she married James M Head who had James Head (my g-pa). My g-pa James head and g-ma francis were 1st cousins (never married just a flash in the pan). Mom was kept secret for 17 years she didn’t know you daddy was. This was on a board information only;   My dads name was Floyd kenneth ugene Darty his dads name was George Washington Darty he had 3 brothers Raburn,Bear, alton  darty. I was told by him that there was 4 brothers that was given 40 acres there was a family disagreement the 4 split company and changed their last names.George Washington, Thurman , vester don’t know positive on the last one I think it was John. There seems to be a link or trail between Florida / Georgia / Alabama / Oklahoma  not so much Oklahoma I think the Darty’s that had a lot of Indian went that way. Example  is David Darty lived Shawnee, Pottawatomie Oklahoma Born in Alabama 1942 died Okla 1984 Annie Darty born Ala Lived in Shawnee, potawatomie, Okla .  The Heads also came from that area. D. C. Darty born Winston Ala 1886 went to Polk county Florida. Here is a story about David Charles “D C “ Darty.  He killed a man in Winston county Alabama and then fled to Florida in the middle of the night. Supposedly he became a sheriff  in Florida. His WW1 draft registration says he was a homesteader with a wife and 4 kids as of june 10, 1917  On the 1930 Polk county, Florida census it does list D.C. as chief of police. Florida’s motto s/be kill a man become a cop…                                                                                                                        NAUVOO

 The following excerpts were taken from "Walking Sipsey, The People, Places, and Wildlife" by Jim Manasco. Many of the Cherokees refused to leave their ancestral home and fled to the hills. Everyone knows the story of the Cherokees in the Smokey Mountains, but few realize that many hid in Alabama. In the mountains of Jackson County there is today a tribe of Cherokee Indians that have always been there. Last year for the first time in 154 years the
government gave them their school money for that year, 932 of them. There was another band of Cherokees from the south side of the Tennessee River in the Decatur area that fled into Walker County. Where they went has remained a mystery. The old family records show many of the settlers in the forest were marrying Indians. Where were they coming from? They were supposed to be in Oklahoma. They had to be hiding in the forest. The Indian Removal Act was passed in 1836. From the year 1824 to 1850 Winston County was a part of Walker. So Indians fleeing to Walker County at the time of the removal could have come to what is now Winston. They would have gone to the least desirable and least inhabited part of that area for they were fugitives in hiding. In 1853, A.J. Thomas came to the Plains from South Carolina. It has been told in the family that when he came to the Plains that there was an Indian village near where he settled. His great-grandson Charlie still lives on the old Thomas home site and remembers the story well and the general area of where that site was. These Indians were living here in their village 27 years after they were marked for removal. The only way they could have survived that long without detection was by the white settlers protecting their secret hiding. Though I had not heard this story until a week ago, I had no reason to doubt it and every reason to suspect it. And he also adds – Then more came and with a foothold increased in numbers and began to move deeper into the forest. Some of the stronger moved deep into Indian country taking Indian wives and living as Indians. One offspring of those mixed marriages was John Brown .John Brown, while only a half breed, was truly Indian. His white father made it possible for him, as an Indian, to see clearly both worlds that one day would come to conflict. He was literate and wise, a combination that elevated him to the rank of Chief of the Cherokees. His band of Cherokees lived on their ancestral lands in Marshall County, Alabama. The principal village called Browns Village
and its exact location is unknown.
Chief John Brown, as other Indians of stature, had three wives,  Wati , Sara, and Selu (say-lou). He had many children and loved his people dearly. With the Revolutionary War he was forced to make a decision that would be in the best interest of all his people. He had already seen his father's people infringing on his mother's land. The British promised him that if he would ally with them they would not allow the colonists to cross the mountains. He had no choice but to ally with England for that was what was best for his people. The British lost and Chief John Brown, as other chiefs in the nation, watched closely the formation of the new America. They greatly admired the Constitution created by the new nation and drafted one of their own patterned after it. Little did they realize how worthless the treaties with this new nation would be. So the white man crossed the mountains. With this the Indians had to move farther from their ancestral grounds. It is not known how many children Chief John had; it is known that the names of some of those children were Richard, David, Katherine, John, and William. These are the native sons and daughters of Alabama. The most historically recorded of these is Richard. As the Cherokees began to spread out across Alabama, Richard had moved deep into the Creek Nation. Richard, like his father, had risen to the rank of chief and had founded a Cherokee village by the name of Turkey Town across the Coosa River from what is now Centre. Chief Richard Brown had received word that Creeks were going to attack his village. He requested help from Andrew Jackson who sent troops to Turkey Town. The Creeks did not show and while they were there Andrew Jackson enlisted Richard and his warriors into his army. It was from here his next encounter with the Creeks would be Horseshoe Bend. After the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Col. Richard Brown moved his band deeper into the wilderness. They settled on Blackwater Creek near the present town of Nauvoo. For some reason, the remaining Creeks sought refuge with Chief Richard Brown in north Walker and southern Winston Counties. History states that the Creeks numbered 200 and were led by Chief John Shannon. It was for these Indians that most of the creeks in the Rocky Plains were named, Browns Creek the most obvious. Conclusion of this story is “There an Indian behind every tree”.


I have a hand written letter from Charlotte Davis (mom’s half sister) her family break down;  the sister of Emily (ingle) Benson is Lucy Jane (ingle) Head. Emily benson kids are Francis (1st cousin to James and Sudie our g-ma and g-pa) Virlie  (mom) 2nd cousin to James and Sudie so Sudie is Virlie’s aunt and Virlie is 2nd cousin to Sudie and virlie’s mother-in-law.  So mom and Dad married making them 1st and 2 nd cousins. She goes on and it gets better. Now Emily Benson (mom’s side) and Lucy Jane Head (dad’s side) are Sisters and lucy’s kids are James and Sudie (brother and Sister) . Sudie’s had a son Nelson (dad)  1st cousin to francis and aunt / mother-in-law and James would be nelson’s uncle and father-in-law.


While on the subject of Head’s ;  William Head, son of james Head was born around 1823 in Tennesse and died 1887 in Marion County Alabama.  He married Ellen Trice daughter of  William and Sarah Trice, February 6, 1842 in Blound County Alabama.  Ellen was born around  1829 in Tennessee.  Her parents were William and Ellen Trice.  William and Ellen Trice Head had 11 children.  They moved to marion county Alabama 1856.  The children of William and Ellen Head;  James- born around 1843 Alabama.  Enlisted in the Confederate Army on August 12,1861 as private, company B. 19th Regiment Alabama Infantry. Wounded in the arm at the battle of Shiloh. Fought in other major battles in the south. He was captured by forces under General Sherman near Atlanta, Ga on August 3, 1864 cause of death listed as smallpox. He was at camp Chase Ohio. 

Wiliiam Head Jr. born around 1845 Blounty county Alabama. Died 1887 married 1868 to Mahala Hallmark who was born in 1839.  Her parents were George and Sarah Hallmark.  William Jr and Mahala are buried at weeks cemetery, Rock City, Marion County Alabama.  They had James Madison Head married Lucy Jane (ingle) buried at weeks cemetery, rock City, Marion County, Alabama They had William born Januarary 18,1898 died May 16,1957 married Martha Cagle 1918 No Children also Mary born 1-18-1898 died at birth Williams twin. Next was Susan Mahala Head born July 26,1903 died July 3, 1972 married William T Darty 1923.

They had Joseph Nelson b; 6-6-1924 ; Jesse Jay b; 1-1-1928 ; Franklin Dee b; 11-21-1932 ; Floyd O’dell b; 5-29-1935 ; Clarence b; 11-22-1938 ; Marie b;3-1-1942 ; meleith b; 11-8-1944 ; William Edward b;6-26-1946


Of course Joseph Nelson Darty and Virlie Head/Benson had my present family Cliford (still born) / Dale Patrick Darty (deceased) / Ernest Eugene Darty (hanging in there) / Linda Kay Darty (deceased) / James Nelson Darty (Mom’s favorite) one foot on a banana peel / Wyvonne Marie Darty (spoiled rotten to the core).


Oak Grove Cemetery, Marion , Alabama  has the following Darty’s buried there;


Hubert b; 10/26/1926 died 01/16/1927 / Nathaniel R. Darty 07/30/ 1858 Died 06/20/1914 Rhods Brock Darty 07/31/1881 Died 01/19/1944 They are allot of Dodd’s there


Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Marion county, Alabama has the following Darty’s ;


Darty Infant B; 02/16/1944 died 02/16/1944  (infant of Mr and Mrs George Darty) Darty Infant b; 10/19/1940 died 10/19/1940 (infant of Mr and Mrs George Darty) Also beside these two was a Strickland Ralph t. B;12/04/1908 died 04/03/1937  farther away was Joe Darty (no dates) ; Louella Darty (no dates) Elene Alldredge (no dates she was in the group) Nancy Darty (No dates)


THE INGLES AND HALLMARKS CONNECTION  (Lucy Jane Ingle and Emily are my G-ma’s)


Two sons of Peter Ingle, one of the founders of Winston County had an impact on Marion County.  Peter Jr and his entire family settled there after moving to Mississippi, back to Winston County and finally permanently to Marion County.


Peter Jr, wife Melvina and a number of his family are buried in the Buttahachee church cemetery (also known as one of the many Burleson cemeteries)  on SR135.  He was married a second time to Sarah Weatherly.  She is buried in the Weatherly Cemetery next to her parents.


John Ingle married Sarah Hallmark, daughter of George Hallmark after the death of his first wife Ruth – who was the mother of his first two children.


John died at an early age and is buried in the Ingle-Wakefield cemetery between Nauvoo and Lynn along with his father Peter and several of his brothers and sisters.  Sarah is buried in Old Poplar cemetery in Marion County.


Peter Jr born in Lincoln county, Tennesse was the son of peter and his first wife Jane Odom.  Jane died in Jefferson county in 1916, according to their son Jacob Odom.


Peter settled close to Hackleburg where he raised his family of nine children, Elizabeth, Sarah, Dicesa, Jacob O, Mary Louisa , Martha, Peter H, John W, Lucian, and Mary Frances.  Many of the family are buried in the Hackelburg cemetery.


John was the first child of Peter Sr and Catherine Tune.  He was born in Winston County in 1868 and died 1926.  His wife the former Sarah Hallmark lived until 1900.


Of the two children born to John and his first wife Ruth, John S died prior to his father in 1861, Sarah married William Ligon Norris and they are both buried in the Norris cemetery in Walker County.


The children of John and Sarah Hallmark Ingle were Harman, John T, Andrew J, and William H Harman never married.  John t. married Martha ann and both are buried in the weeks cemetery.  Andrew married Frances Green and both are buried in the Breen cemetery.  William H. married Martha E Tucker and they are buried in Bethel church of Christ cemetery.


When Sarah moved back to Marion County after John’s death, She lived with her widowed mother (her father was killed during the civil war).  She was shown in the census as Sarah Hallmark and her children were also called Hallmark.  Later census showed them correctly.


She later sold the land in Winston County she and john had owned and purchased land in Marion County and remained there until her death. We have a record of her filing for permanent status in her homestead having improved it in accordance with the requirements.


This is a quick reference for our connection to the Ingles (mom’s side)


Peter Ingle and Jane (Odom ) Ingle –she died young  had the following kids

William / George / Peter / Jasper / Jacob o / P.j. / Mary J / Charles e / John B / Robert L / Thomas f. these people would be like ½ uncles and aunts. Next He married again to Catherine Tune they had John / murray / Robert / Paul.

Now Paul Ingle (Jr) married  Susan (Jackson – Green )  They had Cass / Kizzie /Becky / Martha / Emily Jane (my g-ma) / Lucy Jane (my g-ma) / David / Young Paul / George / James.

Now the above Lucy jane married James Madison Head who had William / James / Troy /Susan Mahala Savanna Head (or Sudie My G-ma) Who had Joseph nelson (my dad) /Jessie / Frank / Floyd / Clarence / Marie / Meledith / William

Also Emily Jane married John F Benson who had Susan Francis Benson (my g-ma Francis). Then Francis had Mom (by james head her 1st cuz).




George Hallmark and Sarah Tipton were married January 9,1822 in Jefferson county Alabama.  They lived in Fayette county for a while before moving to the Rock City area of Marion county in 1851. 

The Hallmark family was Primitive Baptist and attended church at Old Poplar Springs.  They were peaceable people when the war came, but the war dealt them some deadly blows.

They had three sons, James w, Thomas F and George N who joined the Union Army in July 1862.  This caused the confederate home-guard to give special attention to the Hallmark family.  Sometime in 1863 Ann (george and Sarah’s daughter) was shot and killed while standing in the doorway of their house.  She is buried in the Weeks cemetery (b;1837 d; 1863, 26 years old)  George, the father of Ann, was killed in 1864 and he is also buried in the weeks cemetery (1805 – 1864).

The oldest son, James w, never returned home from the war after receiving a certificate of disability for discharge.  He was sick and in the Louisville, Kentucky Hospital.  He was middle aged when he joined up and left his wife.  Mary ford Hallmark, and children at home to make their own way and be harassed by the home-guards.

Thomas f was age 33 at the time.  He was discharged from Nashville, Tenn. January 28, 1863.  He never returned home. He left his wife, Phebe Holcomb Hallmark, and children.

George N died November 3, 1862 in the Nashville, Tennessee Hospital of German measles followed by typhoid fever followed by not breathing anymore. He was 22 years of age.

George and Sarah had another son, John m to join the U.S. army.  He was too young at the time his brothers joined, but by December 22, 1863.  He told them he was 18 and enlisted at Camp Davis, Mississippi.  John M was the only one of the Hallmark boys alive by the 1880 census.

Sarah was still living when the 1870 census was taken.  Somehow, she had managed to survive the turmoil of the war. She passed away sometime after 1870.  She is buried by her husband and daughter.  The dates on her tomb-rock are not clear.

The war crushed the Hallmark’s families. The Hallmarks did not believe in having slaves, or being slaves to anyone, and many of them lost their lives because of that belief.    



This has been an old story in my life my Grandmother lived in our home David Andrew O,Marys home for 20 years Mary Ingle was born in 1858.  Mary Ingle O,Mary third child of Andrew Jackson Ingle moved to our home in 1900.


After I was grown had gone to college had majored in history.  I paid close attention to Andrew Jacksons history. after comparing it to my Grandmothers stories and stories of Grand Children of Peter Ingle, Robert Ingle were same as my Father David Andrew O,Mary lived with Andrew Jackson Ingle most of his early life.  He went to Gadfry College then located near Double Springs Alabama.


Back before the war for Independence Paul Ingle and Abram Odom came from Germany to settle near Cowpens, S.C.  Andrew Jacksons people lived nearby Andrew Jacksons father died leaving his wife and three boys.


Two of the boys the older ones were taken prisoners by the British and killed latter.


Andrew Jackson was 14 years old and received a scar he carried to his grave from a British soldiers sword for refusing to blacked the soldiers boots.


Andrew Jackson was born in 1776 and Paul Ingle has a son named Peter Ingle born in 1776 a while after the Revolutionary war Paul Ingle, Abraham, Odom and Andrew Jackson moved to Tenn. Near town of Fayettville. Andrew Jackson was same age of Peter Ingle and lived in same home of peter Ingle.


Abraham Odom had a daughter named Jane about 1805 Peter Ingle married Jane Odom. Graves of the Odoms and Paul Ingle are around Fayetteville, Tenn.


Andrew Jackson was same age of Peter Ingle and lived in home of Paul Ingle Peter had some girls that I won’t discuss now.


His four boys were George born in 1810 Peter Ingle was born 1813 buried in Marion County Alabama near Hackelburg Alabama at Buttahatchee School.  William was born 1814 and J.O. was born in 1816 the record states that Peter moved to Alabama in Huntsville area Where J.O. was born and Jane Odom Ingle died that year.


Peter Ingle had gone with Andrew Jackson to run Indians from New Orleans.  After New Orleans trip,  Andrew Jackson and Peter Ingle came back to Tennesse in 1817 Andrew Jackson was called upon to run Indians from Florida  Peter Ingle went with Andrew Jackson on the Florida trip.  Peter bearing the rank of  Second Lieutenant.


On his trip back Andrew Jackson met a woman named Cathern Poore later she had a boy and named him Andrew Jackson Poore.


When Andrew Jackson Poore was about one year old, his mother Catherne Poore died which was about 1818.  In 1819 Alabama became a state Andrew Jackson came to Huntsville, Alabama.  Where his friend Peter Ingle lived on Andrew Jackson place which was 25,000 Acres.


After getting to Huntsville he found that the Poores had brought Andrew Jackson Poore to Peter Ingle.  Andrew Jackson not being married to Catherine Poore as Alabama had just been made a state.  Andrew Jackson and Peter Ingle made a trip to South Georgia to collect a $25,000 debt owed to Andrew Jackson from a deal with people named Allisons.


Then back on horseback through Pinson Valley in Jefferson County Alabama, looking for place for Peter Ingle to move and carry Andrew Jackson Poore.


In 1829 Peter Ingle moved to Penson Valley Jefferson County Alabama.  Under the leadership of Andrew Jackson land grant was arranged for Peter Ingle.


The record is in Jefferson county court house basement records. Where it shows Peter Ingle entering said land in August 1821.  Peter Ingle lived in Jefferson County about eleven years.  On his first trip to New Orleans He met Cathern Tune who was then living near Carbin Hill Alabama.  Peter Ingle married her in Jefferson County.  He reared several boys and girls in about 1840 – 1844. Peter Ingle and his wife Cathern Tune Ingle moved to near Nauvoo, Alabama. He entered land on a Land Grant where he lived until 1849 When he died and is buried by his wife Cathern Tune Ingle with some of his children buried near him at Wakefield Cemetery near Nauvoo, Alabama.


Andrew Jackson Poore lived with William and George Ingle in Penson Valley.  Land given to them to keep Andrew Jackson Poore (Poor Andy) They called him.  Poor Andy was educated in Jefferson School system, After he finished his schooling in Pinson Valley.  He came to Peter Ingles near Nauvoo, Alabama.  Poore Andy being near 21 years of age.  Peter Ingle thought he should give him some land.  He had given Peter Ingle 600 acres of land in Marion county records are in tax books there.


Peter Ingle was sick and he told Poor Andy that he was not his son Andrew Jackson had died in June 1845


Peter Ingle then told Poore Andy his long kept secret with his old friend Andrew Jackson that he was to keep until his death.  So he told Poor Andy that he was Andrew Jacksons son that he had agreed with Andrew Jackson to keep the boy and rear him.


In 1848 Peter Ingle decided to give Poor Andy His name.  So Poor Andy went before legislature in Montgomery Alabama had his name changed to Andrew Jackson Ingle This is on record in Montgomery dated Feb 29,1848.


Andrew Jackson Ingle married Rebecca Tittle They had daughters named Nancy Elizabeth, Josephine, Mary Ingle O,Mary, Marriah, Buchannan, Alice.  The boys names a Jasper Ingle and Newton Ingle.


The girls all lived and married around Lynn and Nauvoo, Alabama.  The boys Jasper lived in Mississippi and Oklahoma Died buried at Maude Oklahoma.


Newtom lived around Double Springs


Andrew Jackson Ingle built a two story home in Double Springs across from court house which is still standing.  He and his wife are buried at Fairview cemetery near Double Springs Ala.


He gave all his children a lot of land.

 I would like to add that I have looked and tried other avenue's and spellings of out line. None of them cames as close as the Thomas Daugherty line. Because of the thomas line comming from Georgia and ending up in the northern part of Alabama C

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