Those one time obviously and in today's world even though I think the majority of the fixed prosthetics are our porcelain views to metal crowns there is a growing demand especially in the entry for all ceramic. Crowns and will get team bridgework and asked him point and any Dennis he's been around a while knows that when you put a metal post it is a it's dark it's great it's not aesthetic and you're likely. To see some show through the crown and through it all ceramic the appliance the core I mean and and to the all ceramic when you use a post that is tooth colored or translucent. It's it's a neutral shade you don't have to mask over you not to worry about a ghost shining through so this is one of the things that aesthetics are important when it's important. To the clinician is becoming more and important to the clinician and patient is just like the filling materials engineering and some radiographic visibility is is important obviously dentistry's. To seeing a metal post which is very stark contrast to Denton and fiber posts have come quite a ways and in their level of capacity over the evolution of the 1515 years. 



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