Product is Dr. Jamie Morgan a dentist from Sandy Utah who practices real-world dentistry and its practical solutions to everyday problems Dr. Morgan background as a researcher at the University of Texas at San Antonio is a combined research and clinical view of the problems they my experience in your office me today Dr. Morgan go over Tatiana so today and I understand. You're going to talk to us today about violence and when my very favorite composite to tell me what you like about it so much compared to other composites on the market when you are you are probably. Not the first by the tech and made available United had been using it for quite a while different than anything out the that are often regular like that. One other high-end restorative. Composite be a by far out that and I have been the fact that the maker highbred it can be anywhere in the mouth anywhere incredible Percocet and have different composite depending. 



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Feb 04, 2015
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