Knows what Florine does and I by now I think I was also missing about the potassium nitrate was how Dan was tell me that after doing 35 studies on it that contrary to what you would. Think that the lower levels of potassium nitrate were actually more effective than the higher levels which goes against everything your mind thinks of the skylight in orthodontics. Always on or so was at the whiter the force of the wire and remand the faster the tooth would move same and the higher the force the more the tooth would get resorption and move. Slower so it's actually very and seeing that potassium nitrate in very low micro concentrations caused a massive desensitization and is very interesting and I'm really excited about them. I can't wait to use in my office great benefit now of knowing that were actually strengthening the enamel and increasing micro hardness and decreasing caries susceptibility. 

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