And yet still take just as much money home to feed my family it's important that we realize it's not the gross income that's important it's the net income and I came to learn that these technologies. Were when when Wentz that's can be what a lot of his programs about we have a vision that ultradense and our vision is that were passionately driven to improve oral health globally our. First emphasis is the patient we are driven for minimal and basic dentistry we have a BHAG don't a BHAG is I recommend the book to all of you called good to great it's the number. One book in American business today it's written by Jim Collins at a Colorado now this isn't just some gurus fanciful ideas and/or just his speaking from experience it's a serious. Study of 20 PhD graduate students who studied a number of businesses public companies in America and they started their research into the records of these companies some 20 years. 

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