Your chances of retaining outpatient getting from the fight trying to collect money on a path to account online account becomes over 90 days past dealings and 67% chance. Of collecting money. To patient retention is basically the same thing so to determine what an active patient is an active patient the practice needs to generate a recall recap report a patient centered deal between. Today and one year from today and that is your active patient base and if you really I was taught to heal and make yourself sick you run a report CNA people are on that report and then you go over there and count how many records you have or have a record you have posted in the computer and that is really really really quick way to determine the loss. Of patients on the ideas that practice has lost all of these that there is got to be an assessment awareness and a very very structured retention program put in case that most offices. In the general paper charts and will generally keep two years worth of charts in the file would that mean and mean that the patient may not of been in for two years is still. 

  In the file and that's okay if we want to be going in to the storage and to pull out get in the inactive charts to pull in and it's okay as long as the practice understands that not all of these patient. Are active patients out while you test on the main reasons I patiently the practice in the first place like talk about poor customer service you know is a big one they also lose five patiently. The practice is there is any place you depart that the fees are too high they have to wait weeks to get an appointment there is anybody answering the phone they're not seen her at their appointment. 

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