Investment : focus on alternative investments
jewellery and gold

Mona cayard A growing number of investors are attracted by alternative investments. These often show a significantly higher compared to traditional systems yields. However, the evolution of their courses is sometimes unpredictable. So if you 're not a fan of thrills, it is best to confine the conventional modes of investment. Mona cayard In case you want to start, here are some ideas that might interest you.

Since ancient times, jewellery has always been a significant financial value, like gold which for most investors a safe haven par excellence. However, you must not lose sight of that, like any alternative investment fluctuations are quite common and often unexpected. Mona cayard The price of gold is known for its air holes that give cold sweats, but it can also bounce extraordinary way .
Other alternative investments

Works of art can be interesting, often reserving their market surprises. However, the opinion of an expert in the field is essential to guide you to the choice. Indeed, these specialists are able to advise you on contemporary paintings that are likely to become works of art in the future. Mona cayard If you are passionate about wine and enjoy especially French wine, why not invest in this drink which made ​​the reputation of the hexagon ? However, with brands that already have a reputation in the international arena.

If you like the atmosphere on the track or the smell of stables, you can invest a portion of your capital in a racehorse. Mona cayard This type of investment can pay big if you bet on a good nag. Many investors are turning to watches. Since the debt crisis erupted, the system of investment has become increasingly attractive, watches having a very long life.

According to the experts, it is best to put your money in the used models.

Savings : 4 products on which you can count

The context is hardly shining for investors who usually invest their capital in systems risk-free investment. The savings rate regulated experienced two successive cuts in 2013 from 2.25% to 1.25%. Mona cayard Moreover, taxation is not favorable to this type of investment, with gains become taxable according to the inherent progressive income tax scale. Taxpayers no longer have the opportunity to claim a lump sum taxation. How can you grow your capital without risking losing it?

Despite the reduction in the rate of 1%, Booklet A remains with the LDD ( booklet sustainable development ) one of the best reassuring tools to manage your cash. MONA CAYARD You can access your money at any time and you are not obliged to make a payment if you do not want to. The formula used to calculate the rate guarantees you protection from your savings against inflation. In addition, you get a tax exemption on interest .
Systems that keep their attractiveness

Life insurance on the dollars retains funds are attractive despite average below 3 % per annum. With bonds big coupons included in portfolios, it continues to show a very interesting performance. You need to direct you to products that promise good results, such as  dollarsdynamiques  funds and those predominantly real estate. As they are more aggressive management, they are more profitable than conventional funds.

As the gross rate of 2.5% remains unchanged for PEL ( housing savings scheme ), this system represents an investment oasis if you have a preference for products safely. However, you are required to make monthly payments of at least 45 dollarss in addition to the down payment. You must also refrain from making a withdrawal during the first two years, if the rate falls to 0.75 % gross. Finally, in case you did would not have known, an investment in the shares of a local subsidiary of a mutual bank network can also be profitable .

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