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Welcome to the Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project


We are working together to create a family history record  ‘a community family tree’ of everyone who has ever lived in the small town of Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland, England (2011 population 6,308)

Everyone is welcome to join us in our task. Indeed our work will never succeed without the participation of thousands of people providing information and at least hundreds of people joining the project and taking part in a variety of ways as members.

Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project is a members organisation run by an electable Management Committee made up of people with a strong connection to the place. We aim to ensure that the Project continues to develop and grow as a sustainable resource for everyone who is interested in the past, present and future of Newbiggin by the Sea.

We want to collect information about everyone who has ever lived in Newbiggin by the Sea - whether for a few months, a few years or for the whole of their lives. We want to explore the sometimes very complex inter connections between families in what was a fishing village for hundreds of years but we also want to know about everyone who has arrived more recently- even if it was yesterday. We are seeking facts and figures, making copies of photographs and documents, recording the voices of Newbiggin people and through publications, events, theatre and displays we are telling the tales.

Above all we want to tell the tales; of remarkable people who may have led apparently quite ordinary lives, of the extraordinary experiences of some people who moved away to take on the world and others who stayed here to demonstrate their great qualities.

We want to uncover the stories which have been forgotten and remember those which are passing from living memory into history. We are interested in the tales which haven’t yet been told and the people who have been overlooked

Newbiggin by the Sea is a beautiful place but it is a community where people have needed to be resilient and to look out for each other in order to get by. Whatever the fortunes of the town it is somewhere which has always been rich in the character of its people.

In a way this is every person’s story of Newbiggin by the Sea.

At the moment we believe that the Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project is unique simply because we haven’t heard  that any other community anywhere in the world has attempted what we are trying to do. If there’s somewhere else out there who is – we’d be delighted to hear from you – to share experience and learn.

In the meantime; why is Newbiggin by the Sea the community which is researching and learning about the whole family history of everyone who has ever lived here ?

Because it’s a wonderful place, because it’s important  and because we can !

Contact :
Via this website
Direct to – newbigginbyseagenealogyproject@gmail.com

Tel – 07767356867

If you would like to become a full voting member of the Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project at a cost of £5 per annum, contact us using the above email address.  Not only wll this allow you to make a contribution to the future of our organisation, but it will also give you access to training opportunities.

Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project can also be found on Facebook. 





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