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This site was created using MyHeritage.com. This is a useful system that allows anyone like you and me to create a site for their family and even publish their family tree on the Internet.
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Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 14837 names in our family site.

There are two main trees to choose from, and some which are reference only. This includes a private tree which is a record of living relatives in Australia and New Zealand so this is for members information only and vital info about the person, especiallly minors, not to be published without the person's consent - or their parents.

There's many photos and albums to choose from. Best way is to search on the photo tab.  Some albums match the title of various trees eg GC = George Campbell Family Tree; GCA = Geo[rge] Cam[pbell] Family in Australia; PA = a brief panaroma of individuals associated with the various trees.

Finally I have similar trees on other sites, which attract a different user group. If there's any modification, please leave a comment associated with a particular tree or individual. If there's any glaring mistake, then email on bertgeor@internode.on.net and I'll try to address it in ALL of the relevent trees. Yes, its time consumming I know, but nice to have the info as accurate as possible. 

If members of the extended family have not accessed the family website in the last two years they will be deleted, however you can always send me a note if seeking reinstatement.

Regards and best wishes,

Bert George  Tongue out



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Bert George published new versions of the george campbell panorama, george campbell family and Links_CousinsJack family trees from the Family Tree Builder.
Apr 26, 2018
Bert George published a new version of the Links_CousinsJack family tree from the Family Tree Builder
Apr 23, 2018
Bert George tagged Unknown in 1 photos
Bert George tagged Mary Visick (born George) in 1 photos
Bert George updated the details of William George , Hambly George , Ann George , Catherine George and 17 other people in family tree Links_CousinsJack
Bert George added Florence Visick , Walter Visick , Jone Visick , Alice Williams (born Visick) and 6 other people to family tree: Links_CousinsJack
Bert George tagged <Private> Kingston in 1 photos
Bert George updated the details of James William PEARSALL , John Josiah Pearsall , Samuel PEARSALL , Emmanuel PEARSALL and 9 other people in family tree GeoCam_Aus
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Genealogy:Reconnecting with Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Posted by: Bert George on Sep 26 2010 07:50

Aussie Mates:


Katoomba High School (Friends Reunited)


E Course PNG:


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This Web site:Extended Family Tree
Posted by: Bert George on Aug 2 2010 21:34

This site now is fully subscribed to 2021 or over 10 years from 2010. Presumably at that point when I am approaching 78 years there will be others who will help pay the subscription, or someone else will start their own website using my trees as a core.

Enjoy reading about your family, or related families to yours.




61438609160 Smile

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Genealogy:CousinsJack Family Tree
Posted by: Bert George on July 5 2010 04:56

I have added this tree to our main site, the George Campbell Website as it is to big for the free site (George Connections) and it may contain families out of Cornwall that have a remote connection to our family that came out of the Camborne - Helston area (includes places like Redruth and Illogan. Some people have shared family data and photos which have striking similarities to the Joseph George (and Amelia Stephens) family (1831-1900) which emigrated to South Australia in 1854.

If you have any George branches relating back to Cornwall I would gladly add the branch to the CousinsJack Family Tree.

Bert George.

bertgeor@internode.on.net. Smile

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Media:TalkOut December 1978
Posted by: Bert George on Sep 14 2009 01:20

This is a second contribution to preserving Salvation Army (Papua New Guinea) archives. Since it dates back to 1978 unless someone preserves the archives they will eventually be lost.


Bert George.

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Media:Talk Out
Posted by: Bert George on Sep 13 2009 08:27
This is the monthly magazine published by The Salvation Army, Papua New Guinea commenced December, 1976. Bert George the Web Master concluded service in New Guinea in 1975 but has always kept in contact with PNG affairs particularly as related to The Salvation Army. Bert served in PNG from 1964 to 1967 and from 1972 to 1975 but in this latter position as a Salvation Army Officer.
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Posted by: Bert George on Nov 6 2008 05:06

Lots of interesting sites for you to explore. There's serious genealogy web sites and family-based general interest sites.

There's links to Facebook as well, so social networking is here - join in the fun. Tongue out

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