Jeg hedder <GEDALIAH  Ben Yohanan> og er webansvarlig for dette sted.
Dette sted blev oprettet ved hjælp af MyHeritage.com. Det er et rigtig godt system, hvor alle kan oprette et sted for deres famile og offentliggøre et stamtræ på nettet ogdele deres billeder. Hvis du har bemærkninger vedrørende dette sted, bedes du venligst kontakte mig ved at klikke på here.
Our family tree is posted online on this site! There are 1426 names in our family site.
Siden blev sidst opdateret den May 19 2018 og har i øjeblikket 353 medlem(mer). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.     Vivian Kahn is  my 66th cousin  on GENI.com  the American Genealogy - Web Site. Other. Related to Moses Wolff  also.

Isaac I. Wiseman , II is my 18th cousin 7 times removed. Search: GENI.com 

Newest information . That is I am distant discendant of Bernhard Odd Aarre from Norway 12th cousin by DNA Matches on ftdna.com  

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Gedaliah Johansen commented on the photo IMG_20180426_0002. About my Family Tree. :
 I´ve got a message from the manager of the Hirsch Family Tree in Friedrichstadt Schleswig - Holstein in Germany. He told me that this Jacob Bendix was son of Benedictus Baruch Goldsmit born 1686-1777 and his wife Elisabeth Bendix born 1686-1770 but he mentioned that Elisabeth was just the same person as Esther on the Hebrew Language and could give me a certificate as prove only if I would pay for it. But it was too expensive at that time for me. So my answer was therefore NO. I have all the necessary Church Copy from the Flensburg Archive in Germany. 
Gedaliah Johansen added the photo IMG_20180426_0002 to album Special-Photos.
Gedaliah Johansen added the PDF document IMG_20180426_0001 to album Special-Photos.
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