My name is AlvaJeanne Flanscha Rohl and I started this site.
I go by the name of Jeanne as no one ever called me by my given name.  I am named after my father Al Flanscha as I guess the folks were pretty worried about not having a boy.  Of course as you all know they got 4 boys and named them the unusual names of Chuck, Mike, Tom and Jim. This site was created using MyHeritage.com. This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click flanschapotratzrohl.3113@myheratige.com to contact me.

The site was last updated on March 15 2012.  If any of you would be so kind as to send me the names and dates of your childrens birthdays I would really appreciate it.  I realize I may have some of my OWN grandkids years mixed up but I will get them corrected asap. I am looking for the dates of our grandparents and great grandparents births, deaths, weddings etc.  I also have many cute old pictures to get on the sight.  Feel free to stop in anytime and make corrections.   Enjoy!Cool

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Obituaries:Eldon Bergeson 74
Posted by: AlvaJeanne (Jeanne) Flanscha/Rohl on Jan 2 2016 15:10
Eldon Bergeson husband of Janet Poling(mother Edna Flanscha) sadly passed away several weeks after Janet from severe Alzheimer disease. He leaves behind his children and spouses Stephanie and Nicholas and their families.
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Obituaries:Hilda Flanscha Rourke
Posted by: AlvaJeanne (Jeanne) Flanscha/Rohl on May 12 2015 11:23

As I have been going through old papers and artifacts I was thrilled to find the obituary of one of my Beloved Great Aunts. I was very close to this lady as she was my dad's youngest Aunt and for some reason they were almost like brother and sister. As long as I can remember she and her wonderful jokster husband Thomas Grant Rourke were a huge part of our lives. I will report on this long lost note that I found and then I will tell some stories of my asscoiation with this great lady! She as well as my Aunt Edna were valuable sources of historical knowledge for me to put on paper to share with decendants of Flanscha Potratz families.

Hilda Flanscha Rourke was born February 15, 1907 in the Pinhook area near Sumner Iowa to Bertha Amanda Schwan and Frederich Flanscha. She was one of nine children. Bernard, Herman, Ed, Fred, Bill, Art, Ella and Agnes.

She and Grant were married on May 16 1928 to Thomas Grant Rourke and they moved to Western Northa Dakota, near Beach an...

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Obituaries:Edna M. Flanscha Poling
Posted by: AlvaJeanne (Jeanne) Flanscha/Rohl on May 12 2015 11:04

I am saddened to report the death of another of my beloved Aunts. Before I get to the obituary let me say that this woman not only had 7 of her own children but was a "mother" to many of her neices and nephews. She lived a long life and was able to share with me so many stories of the early Flanscha years in the Sumner Iowa area. She also helped me identify photo's of distant uncles, aunts and cousins. Rest In Peace Dear.

Aunt Ednal was born in Westgate Iowa on August 16 1918 to Martha Potratz Flanscha and Bernard Julius Flanscha. She was their eldest daughter. She married John Craig Poling from the Buck Creek Iowa area on April 18th 1940 and to this union seven children were born. Janet, Melvin, Gayle, Brenda, Kathy, John and Jerry.

They moved from Iowa in 1949 to Wisconsin where two of Edna's brother's Al and Roy had relocated to find work.

She and Craig were married 65 yrs until his death on July 17 2005. They had twelve grandchildr...

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Obituaries:Jaunita Flanscha
Posted by: AlvaJeanne (Jeanne) Flanscha/Rohl on Oct 18 2014 11:01
Jaunita Wolf Flanscha, wife of Marcus G Flanscha passed away on Sunday Aug 17,2014 in Cedar Falls Iowa. She married my Unlce Mike on May 15, 1953 in Waterloo Iowa. Uncle Mike died on Sept 27, 1994. Aunt Jaunita was a wonderful women and a great friend to my mother Donna Spurlock Flanscha. She was a fabulous artist and her portfolio contained hundreds of works. She leaves behind thre children, Michael Wayne, Laurie, and Mark. May she rest in peace.
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Family memories: The Elders.
Posted by: AlvaJeanne (Jeanne) Flanscha/Rohl on Feb 8 2014 11:42
Last fall my brother Mike and I attended the funeral of our cousin Mel Poling in Eau Claire Wi. Even thought the occassion was so sad, it created a prime gathering ground for many cousins who had not seen each other for years and years. Sometimes at funerals but never in a situation where we could really talk. From that gathering several of my cousins and I decided to meet in November. Marilyn Flanscha Bignell, coming from the Madison area, Geneva Flanscha Hitchcock coming from the Black River area, Charlotte Flanscha DeLong living at Eau Galle. We met on a rainy stormy morning heavy with clouds and lightnening and thunder at a gas station on I 94 and then went to meet with our cousin Janet Poling Bergeson who has been very ill with cancer. Needless to say we had such a wonderful reunion and were surprised at how much alike, through our differences, we all are! It was one of best experiences of my whole life. I never had any sisters and it was just so great to visit with these...

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Obituaries:Melvin Poling
Posted by: AlvaJeanne (Jeanne) Flanscha/Rohl on Sep 28 2013 21:38

I am sad to report the passing of Melvin Poling son of Edna Flanscha Poling and John Craig Poling. Born Nov 19,1943-Died Sept 19,2013. This is the death of the 2nd grandchild of Martha Potratz Flanscha and Bernard Julius Flanscha. My brother James Flanscha vorn March 15, 1961, passed away on Dec 24, 2010. Youngest son of Donna Spurlock Flanscha and Alvin John Flanscha.

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