My name is bruce Jones and my brother, Rick, and I started this site with the help of our cousin Candy and our long lost cousin Linda Jones and others.

Tree 1405634-2 merges the Jones of Framingham and the Williams of Framingham trees and adds many new people.

Tree STEELE2 FAMILY  includes the Farnsworth, Steele, Peck, Cottle families and others.

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Family memories:Harrison St.
Posted by: bruce Jones on Mar 5 2013 19:12

In 1940: The Jones family lived at 26 Harrison St.

Ellis and Avonia (Williams) Readio lived at 46 Harrison St.

The Williams family lived at 53 Harrison St.

In 1946 Robert and Gert Williams lived at 14 Harrison St.

The Jones family bought 26 Harrison St between 1920-24

The Williams family lived at 27 Harrison St. untill after 1920 when they moved to 53 Harrison St.

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Genealogy:Simpson-Jones Burying Ground
Posted by: bruce Jones on Feb 1 2013 12:39

Saint Cecilia's Cemetery
Also known as: Old Revolutionary Cemetery
Also known as: Simpson-Jones Family Burying Ground
Dated 1725
is on Union and Esty Sts., next to St. Cecelia's Church, Ashland, Mass.
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Genealogy:Was John - Martins father??
Posted by: bruce Jones on July 19 2012 12:21
-The Controversy is that John Bollenbacher was Martins father and Martin had his last name changed to Williams --

--Malena aka Magdolina aka Maggabana.--

--- Magdolina could have known John before they came to the states. Story was she worked as a maid for the Bollenbachers in Germany and had an affair with John. They had to leave Germany because of the affair.--- BUT

--John Bollenbacher came to the states in 1866 when he was 28 years old. Magdolina was 11 years younger making her 17--

--Martin was born in Sweden in 1871, five years after John came to the states, --

--Magdolina Immigrated in 1873 when she was 24 and Martin was 2 and in Sweden, --

--Magdolina (27) and John Bollenbacher (38) married in 1876 when Martin was 5 years old and still in Sweden--

--Magdolina ...

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Posted by: bruce Jones on Dec 31 2011 22:48

Yes we (The Joneses) are related to:

Mayflower John Blunden Alden and Priscilla Alden (Born Mullens), William and Alice Mullens (Atwood) and Joseph Mullens and others.

NEW >>>>>>

We are also related to the Trowbridges, Prowes, and, going back to 800 AD, Charliemagne, aka Charles the Great,

NEW >>>>>>

John Adams, 2nd President of the USA ,

John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the USA ,

Stephen Longfellow ,

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ,

Our Family has ties to the Salem Witch Trials:

The Accused, Found Guilty and executed:

Rebecca (Towne) Nurse. ( July 19, 1692 )

Mary (Towne) Eastey. ( Sept 22, 1692 )

Elizabeth (jackson) How ( July 19, 1692 )

Giles Corey ( Sept 19, 1692 )


Found not guilty:

Eunice (Potter) Frye



Capt. John Alden


Not Indicted by a grand jury:

Sarah (Towne) Cloyse


Named, but no arrest warrent issued:

Sarah (Noyes) Hale - Wife of Rev. John Hale

James How - Husband of Elizabeth (Jackson) How

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