My name is Stephen Bartlett and I started this site. 

As the Family Tree has a significant amount of relatives listed, I outline below which surnames belong to which family. 

Stephen Bartlett (Husband) Father's Side

Nephew/Niece - Bartlett, Morgan

Uncle/Aunt - Bartlett, Owen, Snowdon

Cousins - Bartlett, Owen, Botha, Hext, Field

Father's Paternal Cousins - 

Father's Maternal Cousins - Cullen, Robinson, Fitch, Dawley, Graham, Watt, Cuthbertson, Orr-Pettigrew, Gillespie, Garth, Fisher, Jukes, Taylor, Gee, Kirkpatrick, Bowles, Slade, Welsh, Morrison, Marques, Greenhalgh, Walker

Stephen Bartlett (Husband) Mother's Side

Uncle/Aunt - Hansen, Russell, Bourne, Day

Cousins - Hansen, Russell, Brew, Graham, Hutchings, Tasker, Wood, Barnett, Nguyen, Chloupek, Gilchrist, Tan, Campbell, Mills

Mother's Paternal Cousins - Hansen, Jones, Dunnett, Howell, White, Nicholson, Theodorakis, McKee, Allen, Bailey, Van Tricht, Thompson, Colmer, Jagger, Lovell, Moran, Price, Fermor, Fuchsbichler, Pritchard, Williams, Linquist, Burrell, Walker, Chapman, Hallett, Bowler, Batchelor, Cochrane

Mother's Maternal Cousins - Johnston, Galloway, Lynch, Howe, Reid, Campbell, Hutchison, Gilchrist, Horne, Graham, Hazelton

Stephen is a descendent of Lieut. George Johnston of the 1st Fleet to Australia from England, ultimately residing in Annandale via Sydney. He led the Battle of Viniger Hill, was 1st Gov. of NSW, led the mutiny of Gov. Bligh, etc.

Stephen is a descendent of John Oxley of the 1st Fleet to Australia from England.  He was the colony's 1st Surveyor General, explorer, was first to cross the Blue Mountains, etc.

Sharyn Bartlett (Wife) Father's Side

Nephew/Neice - Millard

Uncle/Aunt - Millard, Apps

Cousins - Millard, Welsh

Father's Paternal Cousins - Millard, Mudge, Foster, Newstead, Ivorson

Father's Maternal Cousins - Buckland, Hunter

Sharyn Bartlett (Wife) Mother's Side

Uncle/Aunt - McWilliam, Simic, Stoodley, McKay

Cousins - McWilliam, Simic, Sack

Mother's Paternal Cousins - McWilliam, Hoffmann, Faulds, Stephenson

Mother's Maternal Cousins - Hunt, Crook, O'Connor, Fraunfelder


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