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Main Photo: "The Pit" the site where thousands are buried in Sokal



 My name is Trish Lentz and I started this site.
The site was created using MyHeritage.com. This great system is being used to put all Jewish families that can be found on existing records and who lived in the town of Sokal (Ukraine), on this site to “Honour their Memory Forever”.  Only approximately 30 people of the 7500 Jews (1940) from Sokal survived the Holocaust.

 My husband Martin's family is from Sokal. Most data I found is on the Jewish Records Indexing Poland and YadVashem sites and is still a work in progress. By no means is this site 100% accurate and you're welcome to provide any updates for errors or omissions you are aware of. We visited Sokal in May 2012 and took many photos.

The aim of this site is to get all descendants of Sokal on this tree so please become a member and extend your family on the tree, preferably with photos attached to the profiles. You also might find relatives you did not know about!


 * This sign in front of a first name indicates a direct descendant of a person from Sokal


If a person from Sokal went missing in the Shoah or it is not known where the person died, it is taken the person was murdered in Sokal and will have his place of death noted in Sokal until we know the actual place of death.


Records from JRI Poland:This information is for personal genealogical research purposes only. It can not be published in any form without the express written permission of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland.


You will find many people who will have a "Parents not confirmed" and we hope you know the answer. You can remove the person from the existing parents and then connect to the right parents.  After that delete the “Parents not confirmed”.

Family names: the first name on the profile is the first one I found on the record of the person.  Additional names are variations in spelling or alternate names for the same person.  The actual name used in a search can affect the results of that search. When searching for a name it is best not to write the full family name (surname)  in the search box, just some of the first letters will do best. For very large families the system might refuse and you would have to use the person’s first name as well.

Suffix: these are the towns where the people have lived, but were NOT necessarily born there!

Burial: When you see Sokal Cemetery of course I always mean Jewish Cemetery.

Maps: If you need one of the maps, please e-mail us and we will send you the map (great for enlarging!).

Photos: If you find a photo in our albums which shows a house or street where your family lived, please let us know and we will attach it to their profile. 

 21 May 2012,

Dear members,Could any members from countries which use a different alphabet than English (eg Hebrew, Cyrillic) please put their name in English on their profile (in addition to that in their own language) so we know who we are talking to! Thanks in advance.  

If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click here to contact me.

The site was last updated on Jan 20 2019, and it currently has 384 registered member(s). If you wish to become a member too, please click here.    

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